United Arab Emirates to Ban Plastic Bags

Published On July 10, 2009
Following a sweeping international trend the UAE has announced that plastic bags will be banned by 2012 as has been reported by Gulf News on 4th July. Beginning this year there will be a 3 or 4 stage process leading up to the complete banning of plastic bags by 2012. During this period there will be an extensive campaign to educate the public regarding the dangers of plastic bags and the advantages of alternatives such as jute bags, paper bags
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Increasing Demand For Jute Bags As Prices Rise

Published On July 6, 2009
The current wave of environmentalism is causing an increased demand for natural jute bags as more people realise the eco advantages of the golden fibre. According to Kawser Khan, Bangladesh exported 600,000 jute bags in 2008, a 600% increase in 2 years. Jute experts point out that the increased demand is due to the International Year of Natural Fibres plus global concern about plastic bag pollution. The UK based retail chain Tesco is said to require 1 million natural fibre
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Quality of Jute Bags, Cotton Bags, and Polypropylene Bags

Published On July 5, 2009
Concerns have been raised recently about the quality of commonly available reusable bags, especially non woven polypropylene green bags. While some suppliers use recycled polypropylene of variable quality for their non woven bags, at Albury Enviro Bags we use quality new material unless a client specifically requests recycled material. We have found that almost without exception clients prefer new material. Though some may suggest this is counterproductive from an environmental point of view this may not be necessarily so as
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