Jute & the International Year of Natural Fibres, 2009

Published On February 8, 2015
Albury Enviro Bags supports the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009. We support the use of natural fibres such as jute and cotton in the production of reusable bags and promotional bags. The information below has been sourced from the Natural Fibres 2009 web site and the International Jute Study Group. The International Year of Natural Fibres, which was officially launched on 22 January 2009, is intended to stimulate demand for natural fibres by increasing the awareness of their advantages
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Shopping Bags and Plastic Bag Pollution

Published On February 4, 2015
Plastic Bag Pollution and the Environment. Australia may be only a small country of 20 million people but in 2002 Australians used nearly 7 billion plastic shopping bags (1-5) and it is estimated that up to 80 million of these bags ended up littering our environment (2,3). In Ireland the consumption of 1.2 billion plastic bags annually led to the introduction of a tax paid by consumers (5,6) while British consumers use 8 billion plastic bags annually (7). Globally 500
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How to Promote Your Business With Canvas Bags

Published On February 2, 2015
The humble bag has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in recent times, for small and large business alike. This is in part due to the promotional tote bag. While these bags are often given out at conferences, trade shows, or perhaps at point of sale, there is no doubt that they offer the highest number of impressions than any other type of advertising. Practical, stylish, and eco-friendly The reason for this high level of exposure is that consumers find these
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