Customise Your Bag With Almost Unlimited Options

  • Printing & Design

    If you require design work or printing of your artwork/logo, just let us know. Using most economical and versatile silk screen printing we can print simpler or block colour artwork on a variety of different fabrics. With fabrics like cotton, canvas or non-woven polypropylene we can also utilise full colour printing for life-like photographic quality printing of complex artwork. Print limitations are determined predominantly by your deadline and choice of fabric, so just let us know the details so we can advise you.

  • Handles & Straps

    With customisable bags you can also choose the type or colour of handles you require. Would you like narrow or wide handles or short or full length shoulder straps. With jute bags you can choose from economical jute straps or the more popular cotton strap or cotton strap with internal cord. It is up to you.

  • Fabrics & Fabric Weights

    Most of our customisable bags are available in various fabrics and fabric weights. For instance, if your require a shopping bag, magazine bag, shoulder bag or tote bag, choose from non-woven PP, cotton, canvas, jute, PET or hemp. Choose also from lightweight cotton or heavy duty canvas or between lightweight or heavy duty non-woven PP fabric. The choice is yours.

  • Colours

    Colours of most bags may be customised to suit your needs. Colour options are however limited for stock bags, for smaller orders and for certain fabrics. Always ask and be careful to specify colour codes if the exact colour is essential.

  • Linings & Laminations

    Many bags are available with different types of internal linings or laminations. With jute or hessian for instance, the bags may be unlined or have a lining, usually PP or HDPE. Similar linings may be applied to canvas bags. With cooler bags, linings are commonly either aluminium foil or polyurethane.

  • Barcode & Sewing Label

    Various clients prefer to have their own internal labels sewn in the bags while some require an external barcode or product label. Just let us know your requirements.

  • Baseboards

    If you are carrying heavy or sharp objects you may require a baseboard in the bottom of the bag. Baseboards may be plastic or cardboard, the choice is yours.

  • Pockets & Business Card Holders

    Some clients like to have internal or external business card pockets or internal pockets for mobile phones, calculators etc. It is up to you to advise us.

  • Closing Options

    If you require your bag to be securely fastened or sealed, such as with cooler bags, various options are available. These range from press studs or velcro to more expensive zippers for secure sealing. Just let us know your requirement.

Can’t see the product customisation you’re looking for in the list above?
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