Fabric Colour Chart

  • ABF-001
  • ABF-002
  • ABF-003
  • ABF-004
  • ABF-005
  • ABF-006
  • ABF-008
  • ABF-007
  • ABF-009
  • ABF-0010
  • ABF-0011
  • ABF-0012
  • ABF-0013
  • ABF-0014
  • ABF-0015
  • ABF-0016
  • ABF-0017
  • ABF-0018
  • ABF-0019
  • ABF-0020
  • ABF-0021
  • ABF-0022
  • ABF-0023
  • ABF-0024
  • ABF-0025
  • ABF-0026
  • ABF-0027
  • ABF-0028
  • ABF-0029
  • ABF-0030

Special colours?

The above colours are available for non woven polypropylene bag orders of less than 10,000 units. For orders of 10,000 or more non woven bags we will dye the fabric to a specified Pantone PMS colour for you. See our Pantone colour chart. Other materials, such as calico and jute, have a more limited colour range. Stock bags or special products are also available in a very limited colour range as indicated in the product specifications for each particular product.

All colours above are a guide only and should not be used as a matching system. The actual fabric dyes may vary from batch to batch and may differ slightly from these shown here.