Five Reasons to Use Green Bags

Published On August 15, 2011

As concern for the environment increases and people realise that there are many practical and easy behavioural changes that can be made to affect environmental protection, the value of using green bags becomes all the more apparent. But why are green bags so good? To put it simply, they are good for the environment and good for the planet.

Here we take a look at five reasons to choose and use green bags:

#1:  Reduction of waste and litter

Reusable ‘green’ bags help to reduce the amount of waste and litter that is created. Too often, plastic bags are carelessly disposed of and end up as litter and waste that take hundreds of years to even begin to decompose.

The most positive effect of less waste being created is less pollution. When there is less pollution, the negative environmental effects are reduced.

#2:  Easy to use

Because thought has gone into their design and construction (as well as the materials they are made from), reusable green bags are easy to use. They are durable and strong and perfect for carrying shopping.

Largely as a result of their ease of use and positive attributes, many companies have created promotional bags in the form of green bags to raise awareness of their company and promote brand recognition. Most consumers love to receive reusable bags that are given for the purpose of a business’ promotion and find that they can put them to great and varied use. Businesses benefit too as their name and logo is displayed whenever shoppers use reusable bags featuring their details.

#3:  Robust and durable

In addition to reusable bags being so easy and convenient to use, their popularity can in part be explained by the fact that green bags are stronger and more durable than their plastic counterparts. Most of us are familiar with the frustration of plastic bags splitting or breaking and our purchases scattering in every direction.

Green bags eliminate the likelihood of this as they are typically manufactured from strong materials that are effective in carrying the weight of all of the items you have purchased. The comfort of the shopper is also maximised as reusable bags are less likely to cut into the shopper’s hand as plastic bags so often do.

#4:  Kinder to animals

Returning to some of the environmental benefits of reusable bags, green bags are usually not treated with as little care and thoughtlessness as plastic bags when it comes to their disposal. Plastic bags that are carelessly disposed of are all too often ingested by animals who perceive them as food. You do not need to be a scientist to predict the results that consumption of plastic has on animals.

Thankfully, people tend to be more careful and thoughtful in their treatment of reusable bags and they are far less likely to be disposed of so recklessly.

#5:  Better appearance!

Although this may not matter to some people, green bags offer a distinct advantage over plastic bags in the way that they look better and even carry a certain status (‘I care about the environment’). People should proudly carry reusable bags as they are doing something to protect the environment and reduce environmental damage.

There are many great reasons to use green bags. While many of these reasons relate to environmental benefits, reusable bags are often appreciated for their increased convenience, durability and appearance.