Fair Trade Bags

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Fair Trade Cotton Tote Bag
40 x 40cm

Fair Trade Cotton Shopping Bag
30H x 30 x 20cm

Fair Trade Landscape Canvas Bag
40H x 44 x 14cm

Fair Trade Jute Tote Bag
38H x 30cm

Fair Trade Jute Shopping Bag
35H x 30 x 20cm

Fair Trade Landscape Jute Bag
36H x 40 x 18cm


Albury Enviro Bags Fair Trade Bags.

The jute bags and cotton bags depicted above are sourced from Teddy Exports, a Fair Trade supplier who is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

The WFTO is comprised of a global network of producers and suppliers who have a 100% commitment to Fair Trade and the key principles espoused by the WFTO. Fair Trade is essentially an outgrowth of the failure or non competitiveness of marginalised suppliers in the poorer areas of the world.

Fair trade advocates generally endorse various guidelines which are intended to ensure fair remuneration and employment conditions for workers and suppliers, especially those in the lower socioeconomic groups. The Fair Trade movement seeks to improve market access for otherwise marginalized producers who otherwise could not compete effectively and to raise awareness of Fair Trade philosophies among consumers in developed nations.

Fair trade products are marketed either by a supply chain where products are distributed by fair trade organizations or by "product certification" where products complying with fair trade requirements are certified, indicating that they have been produced, traded, processed and packaged in accordance with the standards.

Members of Fair Trade organisations are inspected and regularly monitored to ensure compliance with the key principles and standards of Fair Trade.

Typical Fair Trade Standards are summarised below.

Fair Trade Standards

  • Reducing poverty by supporting marginalised economically disadvantaged producers.
  • Ensuring Transparency and accountability.
  • Encouraging trading practices which are particularly supportive of marginalized small businesses.
  • Ensuring fair prices are paid which will ensure adequate remuneration.
  • Protection against child labour and forced labour.
  • Freedom of Association and protection against discrimination.
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Encouraging improved workplace skills and efficiencies and expansion.
  • Promotion of Fair Trade principles.
  • Reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability.

Albury Enviro Bags Fair Trade Bags Sourced From Member of World Fair Trade Organization.

The World Fair Trade Organization, previously known as the International Fair Trade Association, is a world wide association and network of fair trade suppliers, marketing companies, retailers, national, and regional fair trade networks and support organizations.

Clients who purchase Albury Enviro Bags Fair Trade bags can be assured that these bags are sourced from a supplier who has been found to conform to the requirements of the World Fair Trade Organisation. This certification system provides an internationally accepted guarantee that Albury Enviro Bags Fair Trade bags are produced under genuine fair trade conditions. Albury Enviro Bags urges clients who require Fair Trade bags to check with their supplier that their bags are actually sourced from either a member of the World Fair Trade Organization or the Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand.

Information and logo kindly supplied by the World Fair Trade Organization.
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