Just One Vote For Natural Fibre Cotton Bags

Published On June 18, 2009
According to Frosty Wooldridge of the Denver Post we should forget paper shopping bags and plastic shopping bags and use reusable cotton bags. According to Frosty he has been using his four cotton bags for 28 years though they are now a little tattered. It is worthwhile doing the maths on this. Let us assume that 1 of Frosty's cotton bags replaces 1-2 plastic bags and we assume also that Frosty did his shopping on a weekly basis and used
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Queen Joins Obamas With Her Own Royal Organic Garden

Published On June 17, 2009
Both the White House and Buckingham Palace have agreed to throw out those chemical sprays and synthetic fertilisers and replace them with garlic spray, seaweed, compost, and other more environmentally friendly alternatives. The Royal abandonment of toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilisers is a boost for the organic movement who have been a virtual voice in the wilderness for environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture over the past century. Perhaps Australian political leaders will follow suit and make their own home made garlic
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2009 Voyage to Monitor Plastic Pollution in Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Published On June 14, 2009
From 10th to 25th June 2009 the Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita, in partnership with Algalita Marine Research Foundation, will carry out the first part of their 2009 voyage to sample the surface waters of the “great Pacific garbage patch,” an area of central North Pacific Ocean where marine litter accumulates. The great Pacific garbage patch is located about 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast and extends across the northern Pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan. It
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Retail Shopping Centre Coles Follows Target With Compostable Plastic Bags

Published On June 12, 2009
On September 1 this year Coles will introduce compostable plastic bags in their stores around Australia. Compostable bags that meet the Australian Standard for biodegradable plastic bags(AS 4736 - 2006) will sell for 25 cents each. Coles new biodegradable bag will be manufactured from corn starch and will have a carrying capacity of 8kg. The bag is claimed to start breaking down within 7 days and will be significantly broken down within 45 days under controlled composting conditions. Following on
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Church Uses ‘Green Vans’ to Promote Jute Bags

Published On June 11, 2009
According to the Independent Catholic News the Archdiocese of Delhi in India has commenced using two special 'green vans' to promote the use of reusable jute bags. According to Archbishop Concessao the vans would carry an environmental message emphasizing the importance of minimising plastic pollution. Twelve months ago the Archdiocese of Delhi launched a "green shopper" campaign in combination with self-help groups that make jute bags. Archbishop Concessao said they had sold 300,000 jute bags in the past 12 months
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History and Legacies of the Organic Movement

Published On June 9, 2009
What is Organic Farming & Organic Food? Organic farming refers to the use of natural chemical free methods in the growing and production of primary products. That is, organic farming relies upon tradtional farming practices which do not utilise synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, hormones, and genetically modified crops. But organic farming is much more than farming without chemicals, it is a system of sustainable agriculture where the goal is to work with nature with respect for the environment and natural laws
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