Jute Bag or Cotton Bags – Buyer’s Guide

Published On December 31, 2009
In a boxing match between jute bags and cotton bags, the pre-match stats don’t give much indication of a clear winner! They both have awesome green credentials - jute's are more on the social responsibility side, while organic cotton is better for the planet. There are some incidental positives for jute which will matter for some applications, but not others. Overall, they're pretty even! Here we explore the benefits of jute bags and the benefits of organic cotton bags. The
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Ten Businesses That Can Market With Promotional Bags

Published On December 17, 2009
Marketing your business takes quite a lot of effort! It also requires a unified approach, especially if your business is still in the early stages of branding. Getting your logo out there is certainly a piece of the puzzle - it's a form of indirect word of mouth, and better than all the solicited testimonials in the world. You can get your logo out there in a variety of ways - sponsoring sports teams and events (works for Telstra and
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Is Heat Transfer Printing Best for Your Promotional Bags?

Published On December 3, 2009
Green bags for groceries, and promotional bags for specialty shopping, are becoming more and more common. And the planet is thanking us all for it - don’t doubt that! But it means that the bags that do something different will really be the ones that stand out from the crowd, and serve the best marketing and branding purposes. Heat transfer printing is one of the technologies that green bag and promotional bag manufacturers use to get colourful, realistic, stand-out results
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