4 Reasons Why Customers Value Reusable Bags

Published On December 30, 2011
Of all the items that all sorts of people use and reuse, green bags must be one of the most popular. People love to receive an item such as a promotional bag for nothing and take delight when the item is something so useful and practical that it meets their needs and can be used repeatedly. For businesses looking to provide promotional items that customers truly value, there is no better choice that reusable bags. Customers love to receive environmentally
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3 of the Best Promotional Items

Published On December 22, 2011
If your business is serious about using promotional items to increase awareness and drive customers to you, some careful and strategic thought needs to be invested in the selection of the items that will represent your business. It is no secret that actual and potential customers most often love getting an item for free, but it certainly matters to them that the promotional items they receive are useful, practical, something they want and something of high quality. While promotional items
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How to Impress Customers with Green Bags

Published On December 14, 2011
Many businesses go to great lengths (and great expense) to find way to positively impress both actual and potential customers. Astute business owners and managers realise that in order to gain an edge on their competitors, an organisation needs to be strategic and often creative in the ways that it provides service to its customers. Green bags are one of the best ways for a business to impress customers and these bags have the added benefit of longevity. Designed for
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How to Use Bags to Showcase the Values of Your Company

Published On December 7, 2011
When in business, there is absolutely no shortage of things to consider and tend to. You naturally need to be mindful of issues relating to personnel and productivity, as well as promotion, market share and inventory control. One of the most significant and influential matters for any business to consider is how it is perceived by actual and potential customers. In order for customers to understand and feel an affinity with your business, they need to know something about what
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4 Advantages of Reusable Bags

Published On November 30, 2011
While the advantage of reusable bags can be many and varied, they can essentially be classified in four main ways: environmental, promotional, versatile and reliable. It is little wonder that so many businesses opt to use promotional bags for marketing purposes and to expand their reach into diversified markets. 1:  Environmental advantages of reusable bags It is not uncommon for reusable shopping bags to be referred to as ‘green bags’. Although these bags are often comparable to plastic bags in
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5 Low Cost, High Impact Ways to Promote Your Business

Published On November 22, 2011
With competition for business being fierce, businesses of all types, sizes and purposes find themselves searching for ways to promote themselves in creative and effective ways. When a business decides to invest in marketing and promotional activities, they want to maximise the value of their dollar and see the promotional activities translate to results. Of course, every business wants to expand its customer base and constantly reach new markets. Very often, a business that is experiencing some financial hardship or
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5 Great Varieties of Reusable Bags

Published On November 14, 2011
When you are thinking of reusable bags, you are probably quick to think of green bags – the trusty and reliable reusable shopping bags -- that we tend to pick up and use from the supermarket or have passed on to us for free by other retailers or businesses. Green bags are an excellent example of reusable bags but, in this day and age, there is a much broader and great selection of reusable bags to choose from. While many
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5 Things You Can Do to Be Greener Now

Published On November 7, 2011
If you care about being responsible and proactive to protect the environment, you will perhaps understand that there is a plethora of things that a person can do to be more green. Adopting a focus on the environment and ‘greening’ your lifestyle need not be expensive; such efforts can in fact save you considerable amounts of money. There really is no end to the number of things that we can all do to be increasingly environmentally responsible. Here we examine
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4 of the Best Reusable Items

Published On October 30, 2011
In life, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff – some of it useful and beneficial and some of it not so useful and beneficial. When things are practical, durable and meet our particular needs, they suddenly become all the more useful and favoured in our day to day activities. In thinking of the environment and the need to reuse and recycle, it is a bonus to be able to repeatedly use a useful item; here we take a
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8 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

Published On October 22, 2011
The versatility and functionality, together with their appearance and design, provide very good reasons to use reusable bags. There are many good reasons to provide and distribute promotional bags and even better reasons for consumers to use and reuse these bags. 1:  Many people really appreciate the fact that promotional bags, when made from biodegradable and compostable materials, are good for the environment. These bags also extend protection to animals – both land and marine based. While some plastic bags
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3 Tips for Raising Your Business’ Profile with Bags

Published On October 14, 2011
Promotional bags are valued by consumers and are by far the most effective promotional item in terms of raising your profile and driving customers to your business. As we so often see, retailers make extensive use of green bags and other reusable bags and now, so do companies of varying types, sizes and purposes. What all of these companies realise, is that promotional bags have uncapped potential to increase exposure of your brand (and thereby raise your profile) as well
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5 Benefits of Promotional Bags

Published On October 7, 2011
Essentially, the benefits of using promotional bags extend to both your business and the environment. An ever-increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of providing green bags or other eco friendly bags in an effort to consolidate their brand and facilitate exposure to a broad and varied audience. Specifically though, what are the most significant benefits of promotional bags? 1:  Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection As awareness of the extent of existing (and on-going) environmental damage grows, it
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Four Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business

Published On September 30, 2011
Every ambitious and motivated business owner or manager is always looking for ways to increase sales, increase profitability and acquire more customers. While these business goals are important and much desired, businesses are most commonly aware and mindful of the fact that they want to promote their business in a cost-effective manner. The good news is that there a number of proven ways to effectively promote a business without spending exorbitant sums of money. Here we take a look at
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How Do Green Bags Impact the Environment?

Published On September 23, 2011
There is great and an ever-growing awareness of the ways that plastic bags can have a negative impact on the environment. Traditionally and historically, the processes used in the manufacture and production of plastic bags have had a less than kind and desirable effect on the environment and green bags have been touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative. How do Australians use plastic bags? Just four years ago in 2007, it was estimated that 3.9 billion plastic bags were
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5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Published On September 15, 2011
Many of the most useful and frequently used items around us are promotional items. When you stop to think about it, many items such as pens, mouse pads, green bags, magnets and coffee mugs are imprinted with a company logo and are often acquired free of charge. Promotional products do work in raising awareness and the profile of your business. In addition, they are so often effective in bringing new customers to your business and having existing customers return for
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How to Be an Eco-friendly Shopper

Published On September 7, 2011
Many of us have good intentions when it comes to the sorts of bags that we use and want to behave in environmentally sound ways and use eco-friendly products. Many people acknowledge the harm of plastic bags and the benefits of reusable green bags, but beyond this, there is some doubt about how we can be eco-friendly shoppers. Paper or plastic? Because many consumers understand that plastic bags pose environmental threats through the processes and materials used for their production,
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Three Environmental Benefits of Green Bags

Published On August 30, 2011
It is no secret that the process and materials used to manufacture paper and plastic bags, the most common carriers of our shopping and all sorts of products, are environmentally harmful. Awareness is increasing of the pollution, harm to animals, excessive oil consumption and landfills that are filled beyond capacity. Fortunately the alternative, green bags, present a way to overcome these problems while offering a strong and environmentally superior way to carry your purchases. #1:  The costs of producing plastic
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Four Tips for Putting the Environment First When Using Bags

Published On August 23, 2011
When it comes to using bags, there is often some confusion about what is best for the environment and the types of bags that are most fit for the purposes for which they are required. Green bags are often praised for having a reduced negative impact on the environment, paper bags are touted as a less favourable option and the harmful effects of plastic bags are frequently illuminated. So, what are some of the best tips for putting the environment
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Five Reasons to Use Green Bags

Published On August 15, 2011
As concern for the environment increases and people realise that there are many practical and easy behavioural changes that can be made to affect environmental protection, the value of using green bags becomes all the more apparent. But why are green bags so good? To put it simply, they are good for the environment and good for the planet. Here we take a look at five reasons to choose and use green bags: #1:  Reduction of waste and litter Reusable
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Why South Australia Banned Plastic Bags

Published On August 8, 2011
As of May 4, 2009, the use of thin plastic bags in supermarkets became officially banned in the state of South Australia, with the growing preference for green bags being encouraged. Specifically, the ban applies to plastic bags that have handles that are made with polyethylene polymer of less than 35 microns in thickness. Essentially, this means the thin, unbranded plastic bags you often see in supermarkets are no longer allowed, but the thicker, branded types of 'boutique' plastic bags
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Supermarket Superstars: How to Shop Smarter

Published On July 31, 2011
The supermarket. It's one place that just about all of us will need to visit on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. In this article, we'll look at ways to shop smarter, from sticking to a shopping list to using green bags . Make a list! Stick to it and don't be impulsive. The aisles of a supermarket present a cornucopia of inexpensive goodies which, once your trolley is full, become very expensive indeed. Think about what you use and
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8 Ways to Child Proof Your Home

Published On July 23, 2011
Child proofing your home is an essential task for any parents with young children -- particularly children under the age of five. Child proofing is also essential if you have family or friends with young children visiting your home at any time. In this article, we'll take a look at eight important ways to make your home safer for children, from covering power outlets to replacing household plastic bags with green bags . Purchase outlet covers Power outlets are scattered
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5 Ways to Eliminate Plastic From Your Life

Published On July 15, 2011
Plastics are harmful to the environment -- there's no doubt about it. They aren't biodegradable; they're simply broken into smaller plastic pieces and, eventually, plastic particles. Next thing you know, wildlife is ingesting them and entire species are being threatened. They can also end up at sea, trapping helpless marine life. What else? Well, they burn fossil fuels and release pollutants when being manufactured, contributing to global warming. In this article, I'll look at various ways to eliminate plastics from
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Top 4 Unusual Recycling Methods

Published On July 7, 2011
Go on, give yourself a pat on the back -- you, along with the majority of Australians, have embraced recycling and reusing in the last decade or so to the point where recycling is part of your every day routine. But here's the thing: there is still so much more you can do! In this article, I'm going to look at some of the lesser-known ways of recycling, from recycling E-waste to utilising reusable green bags for your grocery shopping.
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6 Essential Tips for a Day at the Beach

Published On June 28, 2011
If there’s one thing nearly all Australians have in common, it’s that they love a trip to the beach. However, getting out to the golden shorelines of our country can be a little bit daunting, especially if you live further inland and aren't as familiar with the rules and etiquette. In this article, we’ll look at six essential tips to get the most out of your day at the beach, from wearing sun screen to bringing bags. Bring sun screen
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