Plastic Bags Are Free – Myth Busted

Published On January 31, 2011
Some of us recycle them and also use recycled bags even referring to them as environmentally friendly green bags. Many of us still use them around our home because they were given to us at no charge for years. So you think that plastic bags were or are still free? Read this article and you will know how much they are really costing you. Costing you at the supermarket. Plastic bags recycled or not cost US retailers 1 billion dollars
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Fighting Against the Use of Plastic Bags – An Ongoing Battle!

Published On January 17, 2011
Many supermarkets have stopped giving out free plastic bags or give you a recycled one at charge. Some countries have enforced levies on the use of them. Most of us use them again at least once at home. The reality is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to be done. Spend one day and look around how many plastic promotional bags or other shopping bags you can see in one trip to the
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