Five Strategies for Putting an End to the Use of Plastic Bags

Published On March 22, 2011
Plastic bags have been part of our lives since 1957 and have served many uses – packing and carrying items, as garbage bags and for food storage – to name just a few. While they have in many ways made our lives easier, plastic bags have an incredible and alarming environmental impact. Reusable green bags circumvent the problems that arise in the production and disposal of plastic and are now widely available. With reusable varieties of promotional bags now so
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Paper, Plastic or Green Bags?

Published On March 8, 2011
When given the option of paper or plastic bags, most of us think we are doing the ‘environmentally best’ thing by opting for paper. While there are some sound arguments used to explain why paper bags are preferable to their plastic counterparts, the fact remains that neither is as eco-friendly as reusable or green bags. Today green bags are often used as promotional bags and, when used to increase exposure and awareness of a business, they offer excellent value for
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