The Value of Promotional Bags for Marketing Your Business

Published On April 19, 2011
Promotional bags are gaining a well-earned reputation for being one of the best ways of getting your company name, logo and message in front of a vast audience of people. Reusable bags, also known as ‘green bags’, make effective and highly appropriate promotional bags that can be incredibly significant in increasing awareness and exposure of your business. If considering the manufacture and use of promotional bags for your business, consider this: not only will awareness of your business increase for
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Ten Benefits of Green Bags

Published On April 5, 2011
Most of us know that we should say no to paper and plastic and always use green bags. There is ever-increasing awareness of the environmentally harmful effects of paper and plastic bag production and disposal and a seemingly endless number of good reasons to use reusable green bags. It is simple and inexpensive to use green bags and when you consider that so many take the form of promotional bags offered by businesses seeking to market themselves, having to purchase
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