Four Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business

Published On September 30, 2011
Every ambitious and motivated business owner or manager is always looking for ways to increase sales, increase profitability and acquire more customers. While these business goals are important and much desired, businesses are most commonly aware and mindful of the fact that they want to promote their business in a cost-effective manner. The good news is that there a number of proven ways to effectively promote a business without spending exorbitant sums of money. Here we take a look at
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How Do Green Bags Impact the Environment?

Published On September 23, 2011
There is great and an ever-growing awareness of the ways that plastic bags can have a negative impact on the environment. Traditionally and historically, the processes used in the manufacture and production of plastic bags have had a less than kind and desirable effect on the environment and green bags have been touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative. How do Australians use plastic bags? Just four years ago in 2007, it was estimated that 3.9 billion plastic bags were
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5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Published On September 15, 2011
Many of the most useful and frequently used items around us are promotional items. When you stop to think about it, many items such as pens, mouse pads, green bags, magnets and coffee mugs are imprinted with a company logo and are often acquired free of charge. Promotional products do work in raising awareness and the profile of your business. In addition, they are so often effective in bringing new customers to your business and having existing customers return for
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How to Be an Eco-friendly Shopper

Published On September 7, 2011
Many of us have good intentions when it comes to the sorts of bags that we use and want to behave in environmentally sound ways and use eco-friendly products. Many people acknowledge the harm of plastic bags and the benefits of reusable green bags, but beyond this, there is some doubt about how we can be eco-friendly shoppers. Paper or plastic? Because many consumers understand that plastic bags pose environmental threats through the processes and materials used for their production,
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