4 of the Best Reusable Items

Published On October 30, 2011
In life, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff – some of it useful and beneficial and some of it not so useful and beneficial. When things are practical, durable and meet our particular needs, they suddenly become all the more useful and favoured in our day to day activities. In thinking of the environment and the need to reuse and recycle, it is a bonus to be able to repeatedly use a useful item; here we take a
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8 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

Published On October 22, 2011
The versatility and functionality, together with their appearance and design, provide very good reasons to use reusable bags. There are many good reasons to provide and distribute promotional bags and even better reasons for consumers to use and reuse these bags. 1:  Many people really appreciate the fact that promotional bags, when made from biodegradable and compostable materials, are good for the environment. These bags also extend protection to animals – both land and marine based. While some plastic bags
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3 Tips for Raising Your Business’ Profile with Bags

Published On October 14, 2011
Promotional bags are valued by consumers and are by far the most effective promotional item in terms of raising your profile and driving customers to your business. As we so often see, retailers make extensive use of green bags and other reusable bags and now, so do companies of varying types, sizes and purposes. What all of these companies realise, is that promotional bags have uncapped potential to increase exposure of your brand (and thereby raise your profile) as well
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5 Benefits of Promotional Bags

Published On October 7, 2011
Essentially, the benefits of using promotional bags extend to both your business and the environment. An ever-increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of providing green bags or other eco friendly bags in an effort to consolidate their brand and facilitate exposure to a broad and varied audience. Specifically though, what are the most significant benefits of promotional bags? 1:  Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection As awareness of the extent of existing (and on-going) environmental damage grows, it
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