Bali Pushes for a Future That is Free From Plastic Bags

Published On November 30, 2012
Carrefour Supermarkets and the Bali Regeneration Foundation (Yayasan Regenerasi Bali) have joined forces and committed to taking steps to eliminate the use of plastic shopping bags. This action comes in light of governor Made Mangku Pastika’s goal to make Bali plastic free. Starting on July 1, 2012, shoppers at Carrefour were encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bags, or were given the option to buy plastic bags or bring plastic bags from home. Gerardus Gemuruh, the general manager of Carrefour
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Eco Bags Make Packing Lunch Fun and Environmentally Friendly

Published On November 22, 2012
You’ll never have to put another sandwich in a plastic baggie again with the wave of new fun, eco-friendly options for bagging your lunch. Itzy Ritzy and Lunch-Skins2, which can both be found at Target, are the most popular versions of the new mini eco bag, but you can also purchase a variety of cute handmade reusable lunch bags on Etsy. The reusable, washable and fashionable bags come in plenty of great patterns, too, such as ladybugs, sharks, stripes and polka
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Students Determined to Banish Plastic Bags from Town

Published On November 14, 2012
Grade five students from a primary school in Emerald have taken it upon themselves to see that their town goes plastic bag-free. As part of their EmFSus4Kids program, the students have come up with a competition to see which five businesses in their town will be the first to go completely plastic-bag free. The task, led by their teacher Leigh Johnson and Lee Fuller from EmFSus (Emerald For Sustainability), is going to be a difficult one, but the students are
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New Lunch Bag Helps Elite Fit in With Working Class Lunch Crowd

Published On November 9, 2012
How much do you want to stand out in the office lunchroom? Or perhaps more to the point, how much do you want to fit in? With the new Vasari Bag from Jil Sander men’s A/W 12 collection, you can do just that. This new designer bag is a “long rectangular silhouette and is crafted from coated paper” and looks strikingly similar to a regular, run-of-the-mill paper lunch bag. While they can easily be considered eco-friendly bags, which is good,
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