How to Effectively Exhibit at Trade Shows Without Breaking the Bank

Published On January 30, 2013
While trade shows can help promote your small business, it is quite expensive to attend them. Fortunately, it’s possible to have an effective trade show exhibit without putting your small business into debt. Some of the major costs associated with trade show exhibits include: designing and constructing the booth, equipment, promotional items, setup costs, space rental, utilities, staffing the booth and promoting your presence at the show. Don’t let these expenses turn you off, however, because the benefits of attending
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Delhi Seeks a Solution to Plastic Bag Epidemic

Published On January 22, 2013
Delhi generates almost 250,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year, according to Toxics Link, an environmental NGO. That means that over 10 million plastic bags are used and discarded daily by the 16 million residents. Not only do these bags clutter the streets and parks of the city, but they also pose health risks to animals and humans because of the toxins contained in the bags. In response to these issues, the city’s Chief Minister Sheila Dixit wants to ban
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Can Celebrities Help You Promote Your Products?

Published On January 14, 2013
When it comes to promoting products, especially designer clothing and accessories, no one can do it better than A-list celebrities. Toronto handbag designer Jessica Jensen experienced this first hand when she placed her products in the Tastemasters Lounge at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is where celebrities can drop by and choose free gifts or “swag.” While getting products into these swag lounges isn’t cheap, it can really pay off if celebrities then use the products, as they did
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Randwick Offers Incentives for Recycling

Published On January 7, 2013
Even if saving the environment isn’t their primary concern, Randwick residents are still helping thanks to a new recycling scheme that rewards residents when they put recyclable rubbish into their yellow bins. The pilot scheme, run by GreenMoney, hopes that $5 dollar coupons will encourage residents to recycle and reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, such as by using reusable shopping bags. GreenMoney’s Camilla Cooke said that for each kilogram of rubbish in the recycling bin, the
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