Creating an Impression with Your Promotional Bags

Published On April 30, 2013
Giving away promotional items not only attracts potential customers, but it also builds a solid brand image for your business. A promotional bag with your logo on it will not only be useful for the recipient, but will also be seen by other people every day. Shopping bags make for fantastic promotional items not only for their practicality, but also because they are cheap to produce and easy to distribute. However, many other companies are already using this strategy, so
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Making Your Promotional Bags More Effective

Published On April 22, 2013
Promotional shopping bags are one of the hottest promotional items out there at the moment, so businesses need to get creative to make their bag stand out from the others. Laptop bags, conference bags and tote bags are some examples of popular promotional bags, but you need to choose one that best represents your business. For example, if you’re running a retail grocery store, then canvas shopping bags are representative of your business. Finding a bag that represents the type
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How to Launch a New Product Properly

Published On April 15, 2013
If you have a product that you think is ready to be launched, then you need to ensure that it’s launched correctly. A good design and a decent price alone won’t make your product a success, so here are the steps you need to take to get your product off the ground: Promoting your product is key for a successful launch. Use products such as promotional bags, pens and so forth, in combination with social media and other traditional forms
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Creating an Effective Customer Loyalty Program

Published On April 8, 2013
These days, technological innovations have made consumers even more savvy than ever. So when it comes to marketing strategies like loyalty programs, businesses must work extra hard to please the evolving customer. To create an effective loyalty program, smart marketers should keep the following points in mind: Modern customers will consolidate their purchasing under the loyalty programs that give them the most relevant rewards, so offer options for earning and redeeming tailored rewards. Never take hard-earned points away from customers
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