Sea Turtles Eat More Plastic Than Ever Before

Published On August 30, 2013
A University of Queensland study has shown that sea turtles, specifically the leatherback and green turtle species, are eating more plastic than ever before, up to twice as much as they did just twenty five years ago. Plastic becomes ocean debris and in turn, becomes part of the young ocean-going turtles’ diets. Strangely enough, turtles that live near heavily populated areas eat the least amount of plastic, while all the turtles that live near undeveloped areas in southern Brazil were
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No Ban on Shopping Bags

Published On August 28, 2013
Over ten million plastic shopping bags are used in Australia everyday. The co-founder of Tangaroa Blue and managing director, Heidi Taylor, is disappointed that a ban wasn't instituted by the Queensland Government to eliminate these environmentally hazardous bags. Plastic bags are the most common item picked up during Clean Up Australia Day. They are considered a single use plastic item even though some advocates say they are reused as trash bin liners. There is a request in from Toby Hutcheon,
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The Supermarket Shopping Guide from Matt Preston

Published On August 27, 2013
Australia is home to 2,000 supermarkets, three times as many as there are in the UK. Australians visit their supermarkets on average at least twice a week. Matt Preston provided some tips he learned about how to make the most from each visit. He recommended bringing numerous reusable grocery bags because people tend to underestimate how many to bring. Preston has them in the car as well as at home in order to have a stash close at hand. He
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Newsagency Starts a Trend by Banning Plastic Bags

Published On August 26, 2013
Rod Maher, owner of Thirroul Newsagency, has decided to ban plastic bags in his store. He had previously been handing out around 2,000 of them each year. It has been four years since the ban was implemented and now customers regularly bring in their own bags. Ban the Bag Illawarra is a movement that is also trying to get that same message across. They are trying to change the laws that prevent the NSW councils from instituting bans on plastic
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Local Businesses Support Campaign Against Plastic Shopping Bags

Published On August 25, 2013
In the town of Salem, 25 local businesses have thrown their support behind a campaign against using plastic bags for shopping. The campaign began in a unique way with a visit from the "Bag Monster". This monster wears 500 plastic bags to represent the amount of plastic bags that one person uses in a year. A petition with 800 signatures asked the council to pass an ordinance that no longer allows plastic to be used for shopping bags in the
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Bacteria in Shopping Bags

Published On August 24, 2013
The University of Arizona and Loma Linda University recently conducted a survey on the cleanliness of reusable grocery bags. The researchers stopped shoppers heading into grocery stores and asked them how often, if at all, did they wash their bags? The statistics were astounding. About 97% of shoppers said they seldom if ever washed their reusable bags. Those shoppers admitted to putting all food items in the bags together. They also use those same bags for other non-food related errands.
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Newman Government Changes Stance On Shopping Bag Ban

Published On August 23, 2013
Environment Minister Andrew Powell said he was considering a ban on plastic shopping bags, according to The Courier Mail, and then a day later, he changed his mind. The reason for the change is due to the cost associated with the ban. The government doesn't want to issue measures that increase the cost of living for its residents. This is not the end of the story on environmental concerns. According to Powell, the government is consulting with industry groups to
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How to Re-Use Disposable Plastic Bags

Published On August 1, 2013
It’s a fact that disposable plastic bags create problems for the environment, and re-usable shopping bags are the way to go. However, there are plenty of disposable plastic bags already in circulation, and people need to know what to do with them. Obviously it’s not a good idea to put disposable bags into a general waste bin, because they will end up in landfill. The best way to handle disposable plastic bags is by recycling and reusing them. Grocery stores,
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