Why are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment

Published On December 30, 2013
As well as being an eyesore, discarded plastic shopping bags clog the waterways and end up in landfills where they can take 1,000 years break down. Why are plastic bags so harmful? Plastic bags are bad for the environment because they are non-biodegradable, which means they do not decay. Plastic bags are made from various toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. Some of the chemicals that go into the production of plastic bags include benzene, ethylene oxide and
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How to Print on Canvas Bags

Published On December 15, 2013
Canvas bags are a fun and environmentally friendly way to carry your things and advertise your business. If you have a flair for design and an aptitude for craft, then this guide might help give you some inspiration for creating some of your very own canvas bags. What you’ll need: - An idea - Computer - Inkjet printer - Plain printer paper - Iron on transfer paper - Iron - An image - Photo editing software - Canvas bag -
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