Australians Prefer to Shop Ethically

Published On May 7, 2015
Fair Trade is a growing solution to fighting poverty and social injustices. May 9th is World Fair Trade Day, an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which takes place on the second Saturday of May each year. The WFTO encourages people to become an ‘Agent for Change’, because that is exactly what Fair Trade products provide - change. The initiative encourages people to buy ethical products and share their experience and knowledge of Fair Trade products on social
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Reusable Shopping Bags

Published On May 4, 2015
According to statistics the global consumption of plastic bags is between 500 billion and a trillion annually or a million bags every minute. This huge consumption of plastic bags creates an enormous environmental problem. There are two ways of addressing this environmental problem. Firstly, if we can utilise reusable bags which have a long life span and therefore can be repeatedly reused consumption will be proportionately decreased as compared to the use of single use plastic bags. The second alternative,
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