Canvas Shoulder Messenger Bag

Canvas Sling Bag

Product Code: CTSB027

Introducing the Sustainable Canvas Messenger Bag: Your Eco-Friendly Companion for Outdoor Adventures and Shoebox Transport!

Boost your brand’s visibility while championing sustainability with our Sustainable Canvas Messenger Bag. Crafted with durable materials and eco-friendly practices, this versatile bag seamlessly integrates into daily life and outdoor excursions, all while promoting your commitment to sustainability.

Designed to accommodate shoebox transport and everyday essentials, our messenger bag combines functionality with a sleek design that appeals to urbanites and nature enthusiasts alike. With customizable branding options, it becomes a powerful tool for showcasing your brand’s dedication to quality, adventure, and environmental responsibility.

Material: Cotton canvas
Size (HxWxD): 40 × 40 × 12 cm
Weight: 270 gsm
Styles: Messenger Bags/Satchels/School Bags, Promotional Bags Online Australia, Shoulder Bags
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