3 Tips for Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

CO2 emissions are in YOUR HANDS
Published On June 4, 2021

Businesses across Australia are looking at how to reduce their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. Your carbon footprint is an environmental measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions you are contributing to the planet’s atmosphere. As climate change becomes one of the most pressing issues to address in the world, it’s important every organisation plays their part in reducing their footprint wherever possible.

Below are some practical and cost effective steps many companies can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

1.Improve Energy Efficiency

Install energy efficient lighting  such as LED or other energy-saving light bulbs. Switch off any lights when not in use either manually or through automatic sensors. When purchasing new office equipment computers, LCD monitors, printers and photocopiers, look for energy-saving models. Aim to switch off office equipment at the end of the work day. Plug desk equipment into multi-socket extension leads, which make it easier to turn off everything at once.

If possible, insulate the physical workplace better with energy efficient windows and doors so your air conditioning and heating systems don’t have to work as hard. Maintain heating and cooling systems at an average temperature of 22 degrees celsius in both summer and winter to save energy.

2.Reduce Staff Carbon Footprint

Promote sustainable travel. Rather than everyone driving their own car into work each day, encourage staff to bike, carpool, walk, or take public transport. If your company has a fleet of vehicles, use the most energy-efficient models possible. Allow staff to work remotely from home occasionally or whenever it makes sense as this can drastically reduce their carbon footprint as well as offer other lifestyle benefits for your employees. Reassess business travel requirements and consider video conferencing instead of air travel. Invest in good video conferencing technology.

3.Waste Reduction

Only print documents if absolutely necessary. Use the two-sided print feature. Reduce paper usage by converting as much as possible to digital. Ensure recyclable waste such as cans, plastic, and glass are being properly recycled in the organisation. Donate used office equipment to charity and non-profit organisations.

Review your company’s packaging of products. For example, if you’re a grocer or a retail store, consider offering reusable bags to help both your business and consumers reduce their environmental footprint. Custom reusable bags with your logo are also a great way to promote your brand while encouraging eco-friendly habits. Even if you don’t sell products handed to customers in a bag, they can be a great promotional tool.

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