How Many Times Can You Use a Reusable Bag: Sustainable Advice

woman with white reusable canvas bag for food shopping over green natural background
Published On September 30, 2023

Are reusable bags better for the environment? We’ve all asked it, and there’s a fairly comprehensive answer.

At Albury Enviro Bags, we are here to tell you exactly why buying bulk and wholesale cotton bags and biodegradable options in Australia is worth every cent! 

From protecting the environment to reducing your carbon footprint, here is why you should choose recycle-safe options for your business, outlet, or charity. 

Why Choose Biodegradable & Reusable Shopping Bags in Australia?

When businesses and individuals in Australia purchase wholesale biodegradable and reusable bags in bulk, they immediately reduce the amount of plastic waste that will make its way into the environment. 

In turn, this helps reduce the risk of problems like photodegradation (a process where plastic exposed to light releases toxic particles), pollution, and ingestion of plastic by wildlife from occurring on such a large scale. 

Purchasing reusable shopping bags in bulk will also create a flow-on effect where fewer fossil fuels will be used to produce and transport other unsustainable products like regular plastic bags. 

Therefore, by investing in biodegradable and eco-shopping bags, we are contributing to less fossil fuel use, saving water, and advancing the need for more sustainable resource use.  

Are Reusable Bags Better for the Environment?

Let’s explore a simple comparison. 

Well-made cotton bags can be used hundreds, if not thousands, of times throughout the course of their lifetime. Alternatively, cheap, unsustainable plastic bags are liable to break after one or two uses. Not only is this practice unsustainable for the environment in the long term, but it is also not manageable for consumers in the short term. 

By making an investment in bulk eco shopping bags and reusable bags, you can directly decrease the amount of resources used to produce (and ultimately dispose of) harmful materials and products contributing to the plastic pollution impacting our environment. 

As if this was not reason enough to switch to sustainable eco bags, it has been proven that carriers and shopping bags made from natural materials are biodegradable! This means that, unlike their plastic counterparts, when these items break down, they naturally return to the earth without causing harm. 

What Can You Recycle? 

As we become more aware of the harm being done to our environment by mass-produced plastic bags, we are all looking for ways to help. 

One of the best ways to reduce your footprint is to know what you can recycle. 

When soft plastics, like regular plastic bags, are incorrectly placed in household and industrial recycling receptacles and bins, they contaminate the recycling process, causing further problems down the track. When properly separated and collected, these materials can be processed and turned into new products, reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills.

Ways to Make Use of Eco Shopping Bags

The wonderful thing about purchasing biodegradable and eco bags individually or wholesale is that these designs lend themselves to a variety of uses. 

Whether you intend to use them for your weekly shopping, as beach totes, storage bags, gym bags, or even school resources for the kids, you are only as limited as your imagination regarding how you can use eco shopping bags. 

One of the biggest obstacles to using eco-shopping bags in Australia is simply the fact that we forget to use them.

Why not try leaving a few reusable bags in your car or hanging your eco bags right by the door as a reminder to yourself to take them with you the next time you venture out? 

While these little steps may seem small and unimportant, every action leads to an even bigger positive impact on our planet, as individuals purchase fewer bags and businesses need to order less to meet public demand. 

Shop Bulk & Wholesale Cotton Bags Online in Australia 

Are you looking for ways to ditch single-use plastic bags once and for all? 

At Albury Enviro Bags, we have the answer in the form of our eco shopping bags available for wholesale and bulk buying. We have everything from a calico or cotton bag to hemp bags and biodegradable options so that you can find the perfect fit for all your shopping needs. 

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