Plastic Bags clog drains and pollute the water

Published On March 23, 2013
The Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA), has called for a statewide ban on plastic disposable bags. It issued a statement urging city governments that have not already done so to approve such bans, following the counties of both Santa Clara and San Mateo, that have both banned the use of plastic bags in unincorporated areas. BASMAA representatives say that plastic bags lead to water pollution, increased litter and stormwater drain issues. “In a baseline survey of Bay Area
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Why South Australia Banned Plastic Bags

Published On August 8, 2011
As of May 4, 2009, the use of thin plastic bags in supermarkets became officially banned in the state of South Australia, with the growing preference for green bags being encouraged. Specifically, the ban applies to plastic bags that have handles that are made with polyethylene polymer of less than 35 microns in thickness. Essentially, this means the thin, unbranded plastic bags you often see in supermarkets are no longer allowed, but the thicker, branded types of 'boutique' plastic bags
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5 Ways to Eliminate Plastic From Your Life

Published On July 15, 2011
Plastics are harmful to the environment -- there's no doubt about it. They aren't biodegradable; they're simply broken into smaller plastic pieces and, eventually, plastic particles. Next thing you know, wildlife is ingesting them and entire species are being threatened. They can also end up at sea, trapping helpless marine life. What else? Well, they burn fossil fuels and release pollutants when being manufactured, contributing to global warming. In this article, I'll look at various ways to eliminate plastics from
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Five Strategies for Putting an End to the Use of Plastic Bags

Published On March 22, 2011
Plastic bags have been part of our lives since 1957 and have served many uses – packing and carrying items, as garbage bags and for food storage – to name just a few. While they have in many ways made our lives easier, plastic bags have an incredible and alarming environmental impact. Reusable green bags circumvent the problems that arise in the production and disposal of plastic and are now widely available. With reusable varieties of promotional bags now so
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5 Recycling Myths Busted

Published On February 14, 2011
Many of us make certain presumptions when it comes to recycling products and items in our home. Recycling is a very large term in meaning and by definition and we can often get caught up with our recycling success just because we are re-using recycled items or 'green bags' to do our shopping  when we could be doing a lot more. We may be creating more damage in other areas despite our claims and conscience. Sometimes we may not be
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Plastic Bags Are Free – Myth Busted

Published On January 31, 2011
Some of us recycle them and also use recycled bags even referring to them as environmentally friendly green bags. Many of us still use them around our home because they were given to us at no charge for years. So you think that plastic bags were or are still free? Read this article and you will know how much they are really costing you. Costing you at the supermarket. Plastic bags recycled or not cost US retailers 1 billion dollars
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Fighting Against the Use of Plastic Bags – An Ongoing Battle!

Published On January 17, 2011
Many supermarkets have stopped giving out free plastic bags or give you a recycled one at charge. Some countries have enforced levies on the use of them. Most of us use them again at least once at home. The reality is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to be done. Spend one day and look around how many plastic promotional bags or other shopping bags you can see in one trip to the
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The Truth About Plastic Bags–The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Published On November 4, 2010
When it comes to versatility, durability and variety, plastic is one of the most valuable materials out there. According to the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), "the benefits of plastics are unmatched by any other material. It is light, easily shaped, strong, and inexpensive. Its ability to guard against contamination makes it useful in sterile medical environments such as hospitals." The problem, of course, is that when we started making our shopping bags out of the stuff the world
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