Forest Glen Organic Farm

Published On December 8, 2010
Recently we had the pleasure of staying with Trevor and Amanda at Forest Glen Organic Farm at Bungawalbyn in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Situated in the Bungawalbyn Wetlands between Woodburn & Coraki, Forest Glen is a working organic farm producing organic tea tree oil, primarily for international markets. Trevor and Amanda are happy to show guests the workings of the farm or explain the many benefits of tea tree oil. But Forest Glen Organic Farm is much more than
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Queen Joins Obamas With Her Own Royal Organic Garden

Published On June 17, 2009
Both the White House and Buckingham Palace have agreed to throw out those chemical sprays and synthetic fertilisers and replace them with garlic spray, seaweed, compost, and other more environmentally friendly alternatives. The Royal abandonment of toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilisers is a boost for the organic movement who have been a virtual voice in the wilderness for environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture over the past century. Perhaps Australian political leaders will follow suit and make their own home made garlic
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History and Legacies of the Organic Movement

Published On June 9, 2009
What is Organic Farming & Organic Food? Organic farming refers to the use of natural chemical free methods in the growing and production of primary products. That is, organic farming relies upon tradtional farming practices which do not utilise synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, hormones, and genetically modified crops. But organic farming is much more than farming without chemicals, it is a system of sustainable agriculture where the goal is to work with nature with respect for the environment and natural laws
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