14 Types of Customisable Canvas Bags to Match Your Lifestyle in Australia

Young man holding white textile eco bag against urban city background
Published On July 31, 2023
When life feels like a constant whirl of errands, events and outings, we all yearn for a stylish yet practical bag to navigate through it. A bag that can carry your essentials, effortlessly match your lifestyle, and make a solid personal statement.  Well, these magical solutions actually exist in the form of a canvas bag. With an extensive variety of styles and functions, these customisable wonders offer a multitude of choices.  From promotional bags to a canvas shoulder bag, canvas
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How Cotton Bags Have Changed Consumer Trends in Store Shopping

Published On November 16, 2022
Households across the world have been collecting hundreds – if not thousands – of plastic bags from grocery stores and retail outlets each year. With only a fractional percentage of these bags being returned into circulation through recycling efforts, the vast majority of them will end up in landfills, where it can take thousands of years for them to decompose. If they do not find their way to landfills, the bags will flow into our natural environment, polluting our oceans
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Where To Get Cotton Drawstring Bags Australia

Published On June 20, 2022
Cotton drawstring bags are incredibly versatile for both individuals and business owners. As a consumer, you can use them to store all sorts of items, whether you’re going outside or you’re just looking for a place to stow stuff lying around. As a business owner, they’re cheap enough that you can use them to promote your business by customizing them with your brand logo, packing them with goodies, and giving them out at events. If you’re looking for places where
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5 Ways to Style a Drawstring for Any Occasion

Published On May 20, 2022
Bags have become an essential accessory to complete your look; among these are drawstring wet bags. They’re convenient, and you can use them for different functions such as carrying books, sports equipment and diapers, among many other items. Other types, such as drawstring hessian bags, can be used for carrying groceries or delivering gifts. You can also use these bags for packing toiletries, school items, and sleepover accessories.  (1) Due to this variance in their uses, you'd want to style
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