Where To Get Cotton Drawstring Bags Australia

Published On June 20, 2022

Cotton drawstring bags are incredibly versatile for both individuals and business owners. As a consumer, you can use them to store all sorts of items, whether you’re going outside or you’re just looking for a place to stow stuff lying around. As a business owner, they’re cheap enough that you can use them to promote your business by customizing them with your brand logo, packing them with goodies, and giving them out at events.

If you’re looking for places where you can buy drawstring bags in Australia, then you’re in luck. Here’s a quick rundown on the best places to get them.

Online stores

Online shopping has become so popular in Australia. According to research, in September 2021, 76% of web users shopped online at least once a month, with 27% of them making online purchases at least once a week. Whether you need only a single bag or an entire batch, you can effortlessly place cotton drawstring bag orders from the comfort of your home. Other benefits of buying your bag online include: (1)

  • Comparability: With online shopping, you can easily compare the prices of drawstring bags by navigating to various websites.
  • Value: Aside from letting you save on transportation; online sellers may also offer discounts or free deliveries.
  • No pressure: Nobody will convince you and pressure you to purchase a particular product in online stores
  • Variety: Having access to multiple online stores means you can get cotton drawstring bags of different colours, sizes, and even string materials (2)

If you’re going for this option, consider shopping for polypropylene bags from online stores like Albury Enviro Bags, which offers subsidized or free shipping Australia wide.

Local retail stores

There are plenty of cotton drawstring bags Australia local stores. The biggest advantage of taking this option is that you get to use the bags as soon as you purchase them, so there’s no delivery dates to worry about. You don’t need to wait for a day or two for the product to be delivered to you. This is critical if you have an urgent need to get a drawstring bag. Additionally, local stores tend to sell bags with designs unique to their location, which makes locally-bought drawstring bags useful souvenirs. (3)

What’s more, local stores sell high-quality, drawstring bags made of sustainable materials. Typically, local designers incorporate designs that use natural raw materials found within the locality. Since the majority of the customer base lives just within the community, they don’t have to transport the bags to far-away markets, thus reducing the carbon footprint required to sell these bags. By purchasing these items, you support eco-friendly initiatives and play your part in environmental conservation. (3)

Other benefits of shopping locally include:

  • It’s convenient, especially if the shop is a mere walking distance from where you live
  • It’s exciting, as you can buy bags with your friends, especially if you want cotton drawstring bags with matching designs.
  • You help support local businesses.
  • You get to try the drawstring bags before buying and select the appropriate size and shape (3)

Wholesale stores

Another great place to find drawstring bags Australia is wholesale stores. This is especially convenient if you want to purchase drawstring bags in bulk as promotional material for your business. Buying from these shops will save you a lot of money as they always sell at a lower price per bag compared to other sources. If you order a big enough batch, wholesale stores may even throw in extra discounts, further reducing the per-unit cost of the drawstring bags.

Since wholesalers usually have connections with the manufacturers themselves, they tend to have access to the latest drawstring bag options. Buying the latest bags from wholesale stores signals all and sundry that your company is capable of keeping up with the times. This will make your brand more likely to attract more clients, owing to your stylish standards.

Fashion accessories stores

Many fashion accessories stores offer cotton drawstring bags. This option is mostly aimed at consumers because these stores are aware of the latest fashion trends. This means they will offer you bags with designs, and patterns that will work best with your outfit, making look effortlessly chic and classy.

Besides that, accessories stores also sell other items that you can use to style your high-fashion cotton drawstring bag with them. It’s very convenient to shop at the same place because you can pretty much come up with a complete outfit from scratch with your drawstring bag as a major part of your new ensemble.

Last but not least, fashion accessories stores tend to provide a better customer experience. They’re never overcrowded, meaning you receive more attention (and assistance) from the attendants.

Store outfitters

Store outfitters can provide you with drawstring bags while also giving you the option to customize them. This is convenient for businesses because you don’t have to visit a third-party printing service. If you need drawstring gift bags in Australia to give away as promotional material, then outfitters should be your go-to option. Packing products in these bags perpetually advertise your brand as the carriers walk around town.


With the options listed above, getting a cotton drawstring bag shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. You only need to check what’s available to you and what can best fit your needs. Remember, if you don’t have enough time to visit a brick-and-mortar store, you can still make your purchases online.


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