Why Canvas Bags Are Becoming Popular In Australia

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Published On July 20, 2022

Seeing more canvas tote and crossbody bags throughout the streets of Australia? With a population growing more concerned with the state of our environment and opting for more eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic and unethically produced goods, it’s only natural that canvas bags have been adopted in bulk. What’s more, they have actually found their way into popular fashion, given their immense potential for customisation, as well as versatility.

In this article, the team at Albury Enviro Bags break down some of the key reasons why canvas bags are becoming more popular across Australia.


From Canvas Crossbody Bags to Small Tote Bags – What’s Making Australians Buy These in Bulk?


Providing Greater Sustainability

Single-use plastics have proven devasting to our environment, from producing mass carbon emissions to polluting (and destroying) our wildlife. Canvas bags are a more sustainable alternative as they are far more durable and can be reused multiple times without deteriorating quality. Unlike plastic bags, which are made from petroleum and plastic products and take hundreds of years to break down, canvas bags are made from natural materials, such as cotton and hemp, and can be recycled.


Introducing a canvas bag to your regular routine can cut down on demand for single-use plastic bags, slashing your carbon footprint and ensuring fewer plastic ends up in the ocean.


Customisable Design Options

Canvas tote bags are one of the most popular types of bags today due to their many possible stylish designs. Both retailers and individuals can customise their canvas tote bags in a variety of ways to meet their different needs (or the needs of their customers). Some common methods include:


  • Printing: Common designs that are printed onto canvas tote bags include logos, slogans, or images. Printing can be done using a variety of methods performed in bulk, such as screen printing, digital printing, or transfer printing.
  • Embroidery: This involves stitching a design or logo onto the bag using thread. Embroidery can be done by hand or machine, often used to add a touch of luxury to a bag.
  • Applique: This is a method of customising where you can attach patches or embellishments like sequins, beads, or buttons to add a touch of personality to your canvas tote bag. Applique can be done by hand for each bag for that unique touch, or by machine to cover canvas bags in bulk.


Practical & Versatile Application

The only limit to using your canvas tote bags is your imagination! Popular applications include:


  • Grocery shopping: Canvas tote bags are perfect for collecting and carrying your groceries. They are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, so you won’t have to worry about your bag breaking or tearing.
  • Beach trip: A canvas tote is also great for taking your gear to the beach. It keeps your belongings safe, together, sand-free and dry, as well as is spacious enough to fit all your beach essentials.
  • Gym bag: They are also an ideal option for carrying your gym clothes, towel, bottle and shoes, being large enough to fit everything you need but not so bulky it will be difficult to carry.
  • Overnight trip: Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, a canvas tote bag is a great option for packing your belongings. It’s spacious and can easily be carried onto planes or trains. You can even take canvas bags camping, holding all the supplies you need to keep close at hand in a convenient and accommodating bag!
  • Everyday use: Canvas tote bags are also perfect for everyday use. They are stylish and can be used as a purse, diaper bag, or even a work bag.


When not in use, canvas tote bags can be folded up and stored away until needed again!


Perfect for Business Swag & Marketing Collateral

Given the benefits presented above, businesses can use canvas tote bags in bulk orders as part of a larger marketing campaign or as standalone gifts for employees or customers.

Don’t forget – business swag should be about more than just giving away free stuff. Instead, it should promote your brand and make a positive impression on new employees or potential customers. Canvas tote bags check all those boxes, as they can present clear prints of your branding, logo, messaging and more. They are also a practical way to hold all your other items, such as drink bottles, key chains, portable chargers and much more, making them great promotional items.

Moreover, once recipients decide to reuse their canvas in public, passers-by will also be introduced to the branding displayed across the canvas. When done right, the messaging can be powerful enough to engage a target audience, indirectly employing these people as brand advocates.


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