How to Choose the Right Promotional Product for Your Business

Published On August 19, 2015
Thinking of ordering promotional products for your business? Smart idea - promotional products are fantastic advertising tools for reaching out to potential customers and keeping your brand on everyone’s mind. Used well, they can also be one of the most rewarding and cost-effective ways for your business to introduce its products and services to a wider audience than usual. According to the Australiasian Promotional Products Association (APPA), marketers spend $1.34 billion a year on promotional products - because they work!
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Australians Prefer to Shop Ethically

Published On May 7, 2015
Fair Trade is a growing solution to fighting poverty and social injustices. May 9th is World Fair Trade Day, an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which takes place on the second Saturday of May each year. The WFTO encourages people to become an ‘Agent for Change’, because that is exactly what Fair Trade products provide - change. The initiative encourages people to buy ethical products and share their experience and knowledge of Fair Trade products on social
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The Promotional Power of the Tote Bag

Published On November 20, 2013
Presenting clients with promotional items is a clever long-term marketing strategy. One of the most practical promotional items companies can give to their customers is a tote bag emblazoned with their logo. These totes can be given to customers as the main promotional item, or they can be used as a container for an entire promotional package. Totes are popular with consumers and employees because they can be used for a multitude of different purposes. They’re helpful when shopping, when
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How a Promotional Bag Can Help Your Business

Published On November 18, 2013
Promotional bags are one of the best and most versatile marketing tools around. They are also one of the most neglected. A good promotional bag is a great way to make your business or organisation stand out and attract business. Here are some tips for creating a promotional bag that will be an effective marketing tool: Make the promotional bag free. Everybody loves a free giveaway and they’ll be more likely to take it home if it’s free. Make it
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The Power of Promotional Tote Bags

Published On November 15, 2013
If you look around on the streets these days, you’ll notice that tote bags are almost everywhere and everybody seems to be carrying them. The growing trend of stores avoiding paper or plastic shopping bags has made tote bags even more popular. The growing popularity of tote bags has made these items one of the most popular promotional products around. Simply print your logo or brand name on a brightly coloured tote bag and you have an advertisement that your
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The benefits of Using Tote Bags to Market your Business

Published On November 13, 2013
A tote bag with your brand name and logo printed on it can be a great tool in your effort to promote your business. Not only are these bags environmentally friendly, but they are also very handy items to have. When customers carry your tote bags on the streets, they are walking advertisements for your business. The bags show your commitment to the environment and your appreciation of your customers. A Great Giveaway A canvas tote bag is a great
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Good Reasons to Provide Tote Bags at Marketing Events

Published On November 10, 2013
Make the most of your organisation’s participation in a marketing event by providing your customers and prospective clients with a reusable promotional bag. There are a number of compelling reasons to choose these bags as one of your promotional items of choice. While pens, water bottles, and notepads are quite common, tote bags are less so—and therefore more memorable. They also provide customers with a benefit immediately, as customers may need to carry other things they’ve received at the event,
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What are the Marketing and Environmental Benefits of Reusable Grocery Bags?

Published On November 8, 2013
Reusable grocery bags are both an effective marketing tool and a good way to help the environment. Please your customers, fulfill your promotional goals, and help the environment by offering your clients inexpensive, reusable totes. This exceptional promotional item works for several reasons. First, they rank high on the list of promotional items clients will actually use (and they’re used in public settings). Your company’s name will be highly visible as a result. Second, customers love receiving them because they’re so
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The Advantages of Using Reusable Tote Bags as a Marketing Tool

Published On November 6, 2013
Disposable plastic bags contribute to a range of environmental problems. Some retailers offer paper bags as an alternative, but these bags can lead to other problems, especially when consumers fail to recycle them. Reusable promotional bags provided by companies and organisations can help to alleviate these environmental issues, while at the same time acting as an effective marketing tool. Retailers sometimes shy away from the use of these bags because they represent a larger initial investment, but they typically prove
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