The Power of Promotional Tote Bags

Published On November 15, 2013

If you look around on the streets these days, you’ll notice that tote bags are almost everywhere and everybody seems to be carrying them. The growing trend of stores avoiding paper or plastic shopping bags has made tote bags even more popular.

The growing popularity of tote bags has made these items one of the most popular promotional products around. Simply print your logo or brand name on a brightly coloured tote bag and you have an advertisement that your customers will carry on the street.

More importantly, your customers will appreciate it because they can use it to carry items. In addition to shopping, people use tote bags to carry items to work, to pick books up from the library, and to store items around the house.

Tote Bags as a Retail Promotion

Tote bags are ideal promotional items for retailers because they can either be given away to customers with purchases or sold to generate extra income. A few tote bags placed at the cash register are great impulse items. You can also give them away to select customers, such as those that make large purchases.