How to Choose the Best Tote Bags for Work

Published On January 31, 2023
Tote bags are versatile and practical accessories that can make our daily lives easier. Whether you’re heading to the office, attending university classes, or simply running errands, the right tote bag can help you keep your things organised, protect them from the elements, and ensure you look stylish and put-together wherever you go. In this article, Albury Enviro Bags has compiled several factors to consider when choosing the best tote bags for your work schedule.   Understand the Purpose of
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How Cotton Bags Have Changed Consumer Trends in Store Shopping

Published On November 16, 2022
Households across the world have been collecting hundreds – if not thousands – of plastic bags from grocery stores and retail outlets each year. With only a fractional percentage of these bags being returned into circulation through recycling efforts, the vast majority of them will end up in landfills, where it can take thousands of years for them to decompose. If they do not find their way to landfills, the bags will flow into our natural environment, polluting our oceans
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A Guide for Purchasing Tote Bags Online

Published On September 30, 2022
When it comes to finding the perfect tote bag, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Given the wide selection of styles and materials available, it can be difficult to determine which is right for you or your business. Fortunately, with a bit of research, you can find the perfect tote bag for your needs. In this article, the team at Albury Enviro Bags explores some tips on how to purchase the right wholesale tote bags online
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6 Misconceptions About Single-Use Plastics that Might Surprise You

Single-Use Plastics
Published On May 10, 2022
The state of our environment is a common talking point today, and while behaviours and attitudes towards sustainability are becoming more positive, there is still a considerable usage of single-use plastics in our society. Surprisingly, there remains a variety of misconceptions floating around that are distorting people’s views and relationships with these single-use plastics. So, to address this, the team at Albury Enviro Bags have come together to explore 6 misconceptions about single-use plastics that might just surprise you. Misconception
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TOTE VS SHOULDER BAGS: What’s the Difference How to Choose Between Them

Published On March 23, 2022
Bags are a great way for someone to carry their belongings, but they are also an incredible opportunity to bolster brand awareness. By creating something that your staff or your clients can collect and reuse, you get a recurring ad space that you only have to pay for once. It’s one of the more cost-effective marketing campaigns you may have noticed more and more brands adopting. Two of the more popular options are shoulder bags and tote bags. Similar in
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Wash Reusable Grocery Bags to avoid food contamination

Published On March 30, 2013
Banning the use of plastic disposable shopping  bags in California has had an unexpected consequence: a spike in deaths in San Francisco, caused from E. coli food poisoning, according to a report published by the Food Poisoning Bulletin. According to researchers, Jonathan Klick and Joshua D. Wright, both hospital admissions and deaths from E. coli spiked in San Francisco almost immediately following the first phase of that city’s Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance went into effect in October 2007.  Deaths from
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How to Be an Eco-friendly Shopper

Published On September 7, 2011
Many of us have good intentions when it comes to the sorts of bags that we use and want to behave in environmentally sound ways and use eco-friendly products. Many people acknowledge the harm of plastic bags and the benefits of reusable green bags, but beyond this, there is some doubt about how we can be eco-friendly shoppers. Paper or plastic? Because many consumers understand that plastic bags pose environmental threats through the processes and materials used for their production,
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Supermarket Superstars: How to Shop Smarter

Published On July 31, 2011
The supermarket. It's one place that just about all of us will need to visit on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. In this article, we'll look at ways to shop smarter, from sticking to a shopping list to using green bags . Make a list! Stick to it and don't be impulsive. The aisles of a supermarket present a cornucopia of inexpensive goodies which, once your trolley is full, become very expensive indeed. Think about what you use and
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8 Ways to Child Proof Your Home

Published On July 23, 2011
Child proofing your home is an essential task for any parents with young children -- particularly children under the age of five. Child proofing is also essential if you have family or friends with young children visiting your home at any time. In this article, we'll take a look at eight important ways to make your home safer for children, from covering power outlets to replacing household plastic bags with green bags . Purchase outlet covers Power outlets are scattered
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Paper, Plastic or Green Bags?

Published On March 8, 2011
When given the option of paper or plastic bags, most of us think we are doing the ‘environmentally best’ thing by opting for paper. While there are some sound arguments used to explain why paper bags are preferable to their plastic counterparts, the fact remains that neither is as eco-friendly as reusable or green bags. Today green bags are often used as promotional bags and, when used to increase exposure and awareness of a business, they offer excellent value for
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Enviro Bags

Published On August 3, 2010
Using promotional bags are great for your business and also for the environment. We've got the top five reasons why you should use promotional enviro bags. Do your part in helping the environment In an age where we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our actions have on the environment is it important to do our part for the environment. Plastic bags may cause the death of wildlife and marine life which mistake them for food. Because plastic bags
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Is Silk Screen Printing Best for Your Promotional Bags?

Published On July 20, 2010
When deciding on the printing method to use for your promotional bags there are a few things to consider, like the details of what you want printed, the type of bag and what it will be used for. We've listed what you need to think about when deciding if silk screening is the best option for your promo bags. Choose what you want printed on the bag Firstly you need to decide on what you want printed on the bag.
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Plastic Bags versus Promotional Bags – Choose the Best For Your Brand

Published On July 6, 2010
When deciding on what type of bags to use for your brand there are a a few things to consider. We've listed the top four things you need to know when deciding between plastic and promotional bags. The environmental impacts of the plastic bag The environmental impacts of the plastic bag are many. In Australia we use more than 6 billion plastic bags per year. Only a small portion of these are able to be recycled. Plastic bags take anywhere
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Around the World – Plastic Bag Bans and Regulations

Published On June 22, 2010
Many countries around the world have banned the use of plastic shopping bags. Here, we've listed some of the reasons for the bans, the advantages of the bans and countries around the world that are taking part. Reasons for banning plastic bags Plastic bags are a major hazard to our environment in so many ways. Here's a list of the major reasons for plastic bag bans: They do not compose at a fast rate- most plastic bags take 20-1000 years
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The Ins and Outs of South Australia’s Plastic Bag Ban

Published On June 8, 2010
South Australia has led the way by banning plastic bags in favour of green bags which are better for the environment. Here, the reasons for the ban are outlined and how the ban has been implemented has been described. Reasons for the ban The obvious reason for the ban of plastic bags is the damage they have caused to the environment. Plastic bags are detrimental to wildlife and the eco-system and in the water are often mistaken for jellyfish by
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