How to Be an Eco-friendly Shopper

Published On September 7, 2011

Many of us have good intentions when it comes to the sorts of bags that we use and want to behave in environmentally sound ways and use eco-friendly products. Many people acknowledge the harm of plastic bags and the benefits of reusable green bags, but beyond this, there is some doubt about how we can be eco-friendly shoppers.

Paper or plastic?

Because many consumers understand that plastic bags pose environmental threats through the processes and materials used for their production, distribution and disposal, many will opt for paper bags if given the choice.

All too often, plastic bags find their way into landfill where they can sit for one thousand years before even beginning to decompose. People are not always careful or thoughtful in their disposal and plastic bags tend to become litter and an incredible threat to land and marine animals who may mistake plastic bags for food or find themselves strangled, entangled or choked by plastic bags.

However, paper bags also have their own environmentally harmful qualities. The number of trees that are used to create paper bags (such as grocery bags commonly used in the United States), is extortionate and results in excessive deforestation.

Choose green bags…

Reusable, green bags represent a far more eco-friendly and viable option. Many green bags are of high quality and when they are made from materials that do not cause environmental harm, they are a wonderful alternative to plastic and paper bags.

Green bags are designed to be repeatedly used as well as strong, robust and durable. A further bonus is that they very often do not come at an incredible cost to consumers. It is popular for companies to provide promotional bags that are reusable and suitable for carrying shopping and all sorts of items. Not only do shoppers get the benefit of these bags being made available to them at little to no expense, companies have the advantage of their name, branding and logo being featured wherever people carry their bags.

Use green bags…

It is one thing to own a set of reusable bags, but quite another to make sure that they are used as intended. Rather than accruing green bags in your cupboards and finding that you repeatedly purchase green bags while out shopping (this is not so eco-friendly), it is useful to develop and implement strategies to ensure that they are easily accessible.

You can enhance your potential to be an eco-friendly shopper by ensuring that you keep a number of green bags in your car, at your office or even in your handbag so that they are ready and available whenever you need or decide to shop.

The best way for any person to be an eco-friendly shopper is to choose and use green bags over their plastic and paper counterparts. Green bags have the advantage of causing less environmental harm during their production, distribution and disposal and offer a far stronger and more durable alternative to paper and plastic.

When green bags are made from eco-friendly materials and using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, they represent an easy, convenient and effective way to contribute to environmental protection.