5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Published On September 15, 2011

Many of the most useful and frequently used items around us are promotional items. When you stop to think about it, many items such as pens, mouse pads, green bags, magnets and coffee mugs are imprinted with a company logo and are often acquired free of charge.

Promotional products do work in raising awareness and the profile of your business. In addition, they are so often effective in bringing new customers to your business and having existing customers return for repeat purchases.

But, specifically why do promotional products work?

1:  Promotional products come in a limitless number of forms and product types. It stands to reason that these products are successful in achieving their promotional purpose when they are made available as products that we use on a regular basis – pens, USB drives, promotional bags and keyrings, to name just a few. Because people use such products so often, the name and details of your company are frequently presented to them.

2:  One of the most significant reasons that promotional products work is because they are tangible and able to be used for a long period of time; essentially, these items are not things that need to be disposed of after just one or very few uses.

3:  Some people may query whether promotional products really are an effective form of promotion and advertising. Some studies show a very high rate of recall of products given as promotional items. In fact, one study showed that slightly more than three quarters of respondents who reported receiving a promotional product in the previous 12 months could remember the name of the company featured on the item. Most businesses would certainly be pleased with this rate of recall, especially when it is considered that significantly fewer respondents could recall the names of companies for whom print advertising had been a primary promotional strategy.

4:  Very importantly, statistics show that a significant number of people do purchase or seek the service of a company after receiving one of their promotional products. Similarly, after receiving a promotional product, many people admit to having a more favourable perception of the business providing the product.

5:  Ultimately, the real value of promotional items is the incredible exposure they can afford a business. The more that a business’ details are seen and the more a promotional item is used, the greater the value for the business being promoted. When useful promotional items that are of good quality are given, the more a person will use them and, therefore, the greater the exposure of a business’ details, not just in the short term but even over a number of years.

Many businesses now use promotional items as one of their key advertising and awareness raising strategies. Not only are promotional items appreciated by recipients because they are free, useful and enduring, they are effective in translating promotional efforts into business. Because so many recipients of promotional products can so effectively recall the details of the company featured, targeted and appropriately chosen promotional products, such as: promotional bags, pens, cups and desk items, will always remain popular.