Tote Bags for Business: The Perfect Sustainable Promotional Wholesale Solution

beautiful tote Eco friendly bags of handle loop bags
Published On August 31, 2023
Our world needs us to change, and if we want to preserve our delicate, natural environment, sustainability can no longer be just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, many businesses feel renewable, sustainable materials just aren’t cost-effective or offer the same level of convenience, especially when developing promotional campaigns. There are, however, timeless solutions available that prove far more affordable and offer greater impact in terms of visibility and recognition. For businesses realising how important eco-friendly practices are in
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4 Reasons Why Customers Value Reusable Bags

Published On December 30, 2011
Of all the items that all sorts of people use and reuse, green bags must be one of the most popular. People love to receive an item such as a promotional bag for nothing and take delight when the item is something so useful and practical that it meets their needs and can be used repeatedly. For businesses looking to provide promotional items that customers truly value, there is no better choice that reusable bags. Customers love to receive environmentally
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3 of the Best Promotional Items

Published On December 22, 2011
If your business is serious about using promotional items to increase awareness and drive customers to you, some careful and strategic thought needs to be invested in the selection of the items that will represent your business. It is no secret that actual and potential customers most often love getting an item for free, but it certainly matters to them that the promotional items they receive are useful, practical, something they want and something of high quality. While promotional items
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How to Use Bags to Showcase the Values of Your Company

Published On December 7, 2011
When in business, there is absolutely no shortage of things to consider and tend to. You naturally need to be mindful of issues relating to personnel and productivity, as well as promotion, market share and inventory control. One of the most significant and influential matters for any business to consider is how it is perceived by actual and potential customers. In order for customers to understand and feel an affinity with your business, they need to know something about what
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3 Tips for Raising Your Business’ Profile with Bags

Published On October 14, 2011
Promotional bags are valued by consumers and are by far the most effective promotional item in terms of raising your profile and driving customers to your business. As we so often see, retailers make extensive use of green bags and other reusable bags and now, so do companies of varying types, sizes and purposes. What all of these companies realise, is that promotional bags have uncapped potential to increase exposure of your brand (and thereby raise your profile) as well
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5 Benefits of Promotional Bags

Published On October 7, 2011
Essentially, the benefits of using promotional bags extend to both your business and the environment. An ever-increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of providing green bags or other eco friendly bags in an effort to consolidate their brand and facilitate exposure to a broad and varied audience. Specifically though, what are the most significant benefits of promotional bags? 1:  Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection As awareness of the extent of existing (and on-going) environmental damage grows, it
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5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Published On September 15, 2011
Many of the most useful and frequently used items around us are promotional items. When you stop to think about it, many items such as pens, mouse pads, green bags, magnets and coffee mugs are imprinted with a company logo and are often acquired free of charge. Promotional products do work in raising awareness and the profile of your business. In addition, they are so often effective in bringing new customers to your business and having existing customers return for
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The Value of Promotional Bags for Marketing Your Business

Published On April 19, 2011
Promotional bags are gaining a well-earned reputation for being one of the best ways of getting your company name, logo and message in front of a vast audience of people. Reusable bags, also known as ‘green bags’, make effective and highly appropriate promotional bags that can be incredibly significant in increasing awareness and exposure of your business. If considering the manufacture and use of promotional bags for your business, consider this: not only will awareness of your business increase for
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How is Organic Cotton Different?

Published On May 25, 2010
Organic cotton is the perfect material to use for promotional bags. Not only is it compostable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but it is also durable, re-usable and looks great. Here are top three reasons why using organic cotton for your promotional bags is a great option. Organic cotton- better for our planet One of the first obvious reasons for using organic cotton is that simply put, it is better for our planet. Not only is cotton a natural and compostable
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Plastic Shopping Bags

Published On May 3, 2010
The number of humans on this planet, and the ways we manipulate our environment to suit ourselves, are having an unprecedented impact on the natural world. One of the environmental sins that has been prominent for quite some time is plastic bags. People have been arguing over their benefits to business and impact on the environment for decades now. In fact, it has been so long that many people are simply 'bored' of the debate! In reality, ditching the plastic
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6 Ways to Market Your Business With Promotional Bags

Published On April 3, 2010
Using promotional bags as a branding and marketing tool for your business is an excellent strategy, and a cornerstone of advertising for many retail businesses. But it isn’t only retail stores that can use these long-lasting, high-quality advertising methods in their business. "But I don’t give my customers things in bags", we often hear. However, even businesses that are purely service-based have plenty of opportunity to use promotional bags as part of the marketing mix! We look at six strategies
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Beyond the Logo – 5 More Design Ideas for Promotional Bags

Published On March 3, 2010
Promotional bags are a wonderful branding tool. They have almost as much value as word-of-mouth advertising - seeing your bag and logo on someone else's shoulders is an unspoken endorsement of your products and service. Yet, there is always a dilemma ... people don’t really like wearing advertising around! The trick to creating a promotional bag that people want to wear is making the branding subtle and the design inspirational. Create something within the design that people identify with or
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Beyond the Logo – 5 Design Ideas for Promotional Bags

Published On February 3, 2010
If you've been investigating using promotional bags as part of your small business or retail marketing strategy, you have probably heard a lot about the importance of creating a re-useable, quality product. Promotional bags get their marketing longevity not only from the materials they are made from (jute, cotton or polyethylene as opposed to crinkly plastic), but also from their design. If you can find a way to market your business, while satisfying your customer's need to have and use
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Colour Choice Guide for Promotional Bags

Published On January 14, 2010
If you can see the benefits of using promotional bags in your business - great brand recognition and respect, building a quality image, etc - but haven't thought about the details of your order yet, one of the first things to consider is your colour scheme. Some colour fabrics (and colour schemes for your graphics) will greatly enhance your marketing. Some choices may shorten the life cycle or negate the effectiveness of your promotional bags. We guide you through choice
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Ten Businesses That Can Market With Promotional Bags

Published On December 17, 2009
Marketing your business takes quite a lot of effort! It also requires a unified approach, especially if your business is still in the early stages of branding. Getting your logo out there is certainly a piece of the puzzle - it's a form of indirect word of mouth, and better than all the solicited testimonials in the world. You can get your logo out there in a variety of ways - sponsoring sports teams and events (works for Telstra and
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Is Heat Transfer Printing Best for Your Promotional Bags?

Published On December 3, 2009
Green bags for groceries, and promotional bags for specialty shopping, are becoming more and more common. And the planet is thanking us all for it - don’t doubt that! But it means that the bags that do something different will really be the ones that stand out from the crowd, and serve the best marketing and branding purposes. Heat transfer printing is one of the technologies that green bag and promotional bag manufacturers use to get colourful, realistic, stand-out results
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Albury Enviro Bags Donates Reusable Bags to Sydney Childrens Hospital

Published On September 27, 2009
Recently Albury Enviro Bags was asked to sponsor the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, the charity attached to Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick, by supplying promotional bags for an upcoming event. While it is obviously impossible to donate our products for all charities, though we always offer registered charities very special prices, we take our community responsibilities very seriously and we like to do our bit to share the burden of those who are experiencing difficulties or are less fortunate. In
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