3 Tips for Raising Your Business’ Profile with Bags

Published On October 14, 2011

Promotional bags are valued by consumers and are by far the most effective promotional item in terms of raising your profile and driving customers to your business. As we so often see, retailers make extensive use of green bags and other reusable bags and now, so do companies of varying types, sizes and purposes.

What all of these companies realise, is that promotional bags have uncapped potential to increase exposure of your brand (and thereby raise your profile) as well as simultaneously boosting your business.

Obviously though, promotional shopping bags are a popular way for businesses to raise their profile. So, what can you do to stand out from everyone else…particularly your competition?

1: Excellent quality

If you want to provide actual and potential customers and clients with a bag they will use and will like, provide them with a promotional bag of excellent quality. There is no point giving customers a substandard, flimsy, ugly or poorly finished bag. What sort of message will this communicate about your business? That you too are substandard and questionable in terms of the quality of the services and products that you provide.

You want people to remember your business positively. In response, do not sell out and issue bags that are of poor quality as they will not be used and will fail to spread a positive message about your business.

2:  Understand that the promotional bags that you provide are a reflection of your business and its products and services

From the outset, it is important to accept that your business is represented by the promotional bags that you provide. This may sound silly, but it certainly is not. Even the materials that are used and the quality of the printing on your bags are significant in forming (or changing) the view of your business that is held by consumers.

Remember that reusable bags can and should last for years. With such a long shelf life, they have the potential to be actively and often used by your actual and potential customers.

It is also worth considering that while a person may not need your products or services now, at the time they do they may be reminded of your business because they are in possession of a good quality, reliable and strong reusable bag.

3:  Show your environmental concern

With environmental concern and commitment to a better environmental future being so high, it should matter to your business that you are seen to take and genuinely do take your environmental responsibilities seriously. This also matters to your customers.

An ever-increasing number of customers do consider the approach of a business to the environment when making a decision about who they will do business with. If your business, through biodegradable bags and enviro bags, can be seen to be proactive in ensuring that they cause minimal environmental harm, this will certainly work in your favour. Essentially, there are few better marketing messages.

Because the reach of promotional bags extends far beyond only the individuals that own and use them, there is no better way to raise the profile of your business than through promotional bags. Companies that approach the design and distribution of their promotional bags in a strategic way are best placed to reap the rewards of a raised profile and a boost to business that they so readily enable.