8 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

Published On October 22, 2011

The versatility and functionality, together with their appearance and design, provide very good reasons to use reusable bags. There are many good reasons to provide and distribute promotional bags and even better reasons for consumers to use and reuse these bags.

1:  Many people really appreciate the fact that promotional bags, when made from biodegradable and compostable materials, are good for the environment. These bags also extend protection to animals – both land and marine based. While some plastic bags also cause minimal environmental harm, the fact that reusable bags (such as green bags, jute bags and canvas bags) are less likely to end up in landfill or as litter, means that the number of plastic bags used is ultimately reduced.

2:  By reusing green bags, it is possible to save money. Some stores may offer discounts when customers bring their own bags, while others charge for plastic bags.

3:  Very often, promotional bags for particular companies are favoured by consumers. More often than not, those that become ‘favourites’ are the ones that feature a message or cause to which the bag’s owner strongly relates. If you do want to spread a message or promote a particular organisation, carrying a promotional bag with details of that organisation can make you a walking billboard.

4:  We have all had experience with bags that are too flimsy or weak to carry the items we need them to. Far too many of us have lost a cucumber because it has broken through a plastic bag! Thankfully, shopping bags that are reusable are typically strong, robust and durable and less likely to split and cause inconvenience.

5:  Using and reusing enviro bags can certainly help a person to be organised and minimise the clutter in their life. Rather than collecting ridiculous numbers of surplus plastic and paper bags (that can and should be taken to places such as supermarkets and deposited in recycling bins), most consumers generally require a set of reusable bags.

6:  Some estimates suggest that an average person may use more than three hundred plastic bags in the course of just one year. This is astonishing. Although some plastic bags are not as environmentally harmful as others, the fact remains that this is an awful lot of plastic bags used annually. Reusable bags have the potential to eliminate much of the dependence on plastic bags and, in particular, the number of plastic bags that a person uses each year.

7:  Another bonus of reusable bags is that many of them are well designed, of high quality and attractive appearance. Because they are stylish and certainly not a fashion ‘no no’, many people are more inclined to repeatedly use them.

8:  The versatility of reusable, promotional bags means that they can be used for all sorts of purposes while effectively raising the profile and promoting the brand of the company that provided them. As shoppers we value bags that can reliably carry our purchased items, but beyond our shopping needs, green bags can help us with the transportation and carriage of a range of items.

Because they are designed for reuse, there is absolutely no shortage of reasons to reuse reusable bags. When these bags are of good quality and stylish design, they are likely to be favoured and repeatedly used. When this is the case, they are a wonderful tool for promoting businesses and organisations.