Cool Eco-Friendly Households Products to Use in 2022

Published On January 31, 2022
If you are growing more conscientious about the environment and looking for ways to make a difference, buying eco-friendly household products not only helps the planet, but also helps you save money in the long term through avoiding single-use items that are made to be disposed of and quickly replaced. To get you started, here are some eco-friendly products for the home. Five Eco-Friendly Products for the Home Reusable or Compostable Coffee Pods Don’t worry, nobody’s going to ask you
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9 Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty and Retention

Published On June 6, 2017
Customer loyalty is crucial to a business’s success. Loyal customers spend more because they keep coming back, and they also provide free word of mouth for your business. Many companies are focused on chasing new customers, but it’s important to take the time to build loyalty with your existing customers. Implementing external marketing programs designed to attract new customers costs more and will often have less return on investment. Here are nine ways you can create meaningful relationships with your
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10 Ways to Make the Inside of Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Published On November 17, 2016
Many of us want to ensure we’re helping the planet as much as possible and a lot of the time, ‘being green’ not only helps the environment, but helps our wallets too. By thinking about environmental sustainability in everyday life, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and help save yourself some money every year. What is eco-friendly? Before getting started, it’s important to understand what is meant by “eco-friendly”. Eco-friendly simply means “earth-friendly”, or something that isn’t harmful
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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hemp

Published On November 4, 2016
Hemp (cannabis sativa), not to be confused with marijuana, is a tall-looking plant that can reach heights of up to 4 metres and is currently taking the world by storm. It is a raw material that is environmentally friendly, medicinally beneficial and makes for an amazing and versatile resource (you can even build houses with it). Below you’ll find out all you need to know about hemp and its benefits. What is hemp? This controversial, fast-growing and sustainable plant might
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Jute: The Environmentally Friendly Solution For Decorating Your Home

Published On September 27, 2016
When we think of natural, environmentally friendly fibre, most of us probably think of materials like hemp and cotton. While these are some of the most popular natural products around, they’re not the only alternative - there’s also the fabulous ‘Golden Fibre’, commonly known as jute. Jute is a soft, supple, yet incredible strong fibre that is making waves in the natural material market. It is a biodegradable and compostable material that is extracted from the jute plant, which is
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3 Easy Steps To Take Your Business Paperless

Published On August 24, 2016
For many Australian businesses, riding the electronic wave to a paperless office simply makes sense. Every year, businesses waste hundreds of hours and millions of dollars in revenue looking for documents and paying for paper and printing - something that could easily be remedied by going ‘paperless’. What does going paperless mean for your business? Easy storage With one, simple digital document management system in place, all documents that come into your office can immediately be scanned and electronically stored.
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France Bans Single Use Plastic Bags: Will Australia Do The Same?

Published On July 26, 2016
If you’ve seen the devastating and heart wrenching images of birds and turtles terminally entangled by rubbish, washed up on the beach, you’re more than likely aware of the dangers of plastic bags. While generally only used for several minutes, a plastic bag can hang around for nearly 1,000 years before it breaks down. Turtles, dolphins and whales choke or starve by confusing littered plastic bags for jellyfish, and on land plastic bags frequently kill native birds, fauna and other
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9 End Of Financial Year Resolutions For Your Business

Published On July 12, 2016
The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and no doubt your business is busy trying to complete the yearly accounts, balance the budgets, and get your documentation in order for the tax man. But before the clock finally strikes midnight and brings this financial year to a close, take some time to step back and analyse what's going on in your business, and consider how you can change things for an improved new financial year. Here are 8
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Why Environmental Sustainability Matters In The B2B World

Published On June 21, 2016
One major benefit of being an environmentally responsible business is that it helps you attract more business. When other businesses are looking for partners, they’ll be more attracted to companies with a green conscience as this signifies they are efficient, future-thinking and innovative. It also gives off the perception of running a tighter ship, and having a faster, more trouble-free turnover. Whether these perceptions are true or not, being environmentally sustainable is a key way many businesses grow and create
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11 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work Wonders for Marketing

Published On February 16, 2016
Are you looking for the best way to market your business? If so, have you considered promotional products? They’re an extremely effective and efficient way of marketing your business to a very large audience without requiring a huge financial or time-consuming commitment. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Promotional products are often used at corporate events and as part of corporate gift programs, they are also commonly seen at conferences or trade shows. The most important thing? They work. Promotional products have
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Ocean Cleaning System in the Works for 2016

Published On January 19, 2016
The Problem The oceans of the world are overloaded with plastic. Plastic bags, drink bottles, wrappers, microbeads, pellets and a wide range of other synthetic debris are choking our oceans and causing untold damage to marine environments. Damning evidence of the extent of the problem came to light when Captain Charles Moore discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 1999 – a massive floating island of plastic and other debris in the Pacific Ocean. Since then, some attempts have been
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Top ways to save energy in your office over Christmas break

Published On December 20, 2015
The same way the Christmas break can mean rest and relaxation for you and your family, it’s an opportunity for your office appliances to experience a similar reprieve – reducing your electricity bill and shrinking your environmental impact in the process. In fact, it’s possible to save up to 5% off your annual electricity bill if you shut down for a two week period over the Christmas break. But an effective shutdown takes forethought and coordination. Before you go rushing out
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8 Sustainable Packaging Fails

Published On November 20, 2015
Today, a lot of companies, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make positive impact on the environment. One way to do this involves changing the way we make decisions as consumers. When buying products, it’s important to take into account the materials they are made of, their capacity for reuse or recycling and the packaging they come in. By opting for environmentally friendly products, that are sold in recyclable or reusable packaging, consumers
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What to Pack on a Picnic for the Perfect Summer Fun

Published On October 27, 2015
With the warm, sunny weather, there’s nothing more perfect than packing up a picnic and heading outside to eat and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re going to the beach, park, mountains or a campground, a picnic is easy to pack and clean up, and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while you eat. But it’s important that you plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure that your day out is something you and your family or friends
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20 of the Best TED Talks About the Environment

Published On October 15, 2015
If you haven’t encountered a TED Talk yet, you’re missing out on a great source of innovative thinking and new ideas. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and they are a series of video talks held by a diverse range of people from all over the world, about every topic imaginable. Created by a non-profit organisation, TED is devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, and since the arrival of video streaming on the Internet, it has grown into a huge
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Environmental Protection: What We Can Learn from Sweden

Published On July 27, 2015
Garbage is accumulating at an alarming rate around the world. This creates a serious waste management problem, both in industrialised and underdeveloped countries - a problem that also has serious environmental consequences. A 2014 study in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology claimed that no less than 40 percent of the world’s garbage is burnt, often in open pits. This practice causes serious air pollution with harmful substances like mercury and lead released into the air. An additional problem
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How Your Business Can Help Fight Pollution

Published On April 7, 2015
The environmental debate has been raging for years now, but what does that have to do with your business? The answer is everything. Improving your environmental and social performance will not only ensure that your business survives, but will actually save you money as well. And we all know that every business needs to cut costs wherever it can so as to remain viable in today’s innovative and competitive marketplace. Why the environment matters to your business There are several
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What to Say and How to Say It: Crafting a Memorable Business Tagline

Published On March 12, 2015
Your tagline is a powerful component that serves many functions in branding your business. It gives customers information, evokes feelings or ideas, and establishes your voice. But coming up with a memorable tagline isn’t easy. It requires careful consideration into different aspects of your business and the needs of your customers. Knowing what makes a good tagline is the first step in this process. As your business evolves, so too will the message you send out in your marketing and
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How to Promote Your Business With Canvas Bags

Published On February 2, 2015
The humble bag has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in recent times, for small and large business alike. This is in part due to the promotional tote bag. While these bags are often given out at conferences, trade shows, or perhaps at point of sale, there is no doubt that they offer the highest number of impressions than any other type of advertising. Practical, stylish, and eco-friendly The reason for this high level of exposure is that consumers find these
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15 Ways to Reuse Canvas Bags

Published On January 8, 2015
Canvas is in. The canvas tote bag, whether handmade or bought, has a versatility all of its own. It’s the trend setter this summer, don’t be seen without one! Forget formal accessories, the natural, recycled look is here. It’s time to get upcycled. Canvas totes are so easy to throw over your shoulder, and when not in use they can simply be rolled up or folded to fit nicely into your pocket. If you need more than one, throw a
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Dreaming of a Green Christmas: How to be Environmentally Friendly This Christmas

Published On December 10, 2014
Christmas is a festive time for families to get together and celebrate, but along with the festivities comes a large amount of unnecessary waste. From food to wrapping paper, there is a lot that inevitably goes to waste during what has become a rather consumer-driven holiday. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Fundamentally, Christmas should be a meaningful occasion, whether you are a religious person or not. Shifting the focus from the gifts
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Why Are Promotional Products Still Being Used By Companies?

Published On November 11, 2014
When we clean our home, often we look for products that will be most effective in doing their job. If we want to clean an oven, we want to make sure that the product is going to get all of the built up grease off. However, have you ever wondered about how these products can affect the environment? Have you considered what products are the worst to use? Environmentally damaging products aren’t limited to cleaning products, so here is the
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The Environmental Cost of Plastic

Published On September 22, 2014
Plastic bags may be cheap, and feel like they're convenient, but they are causing untold damage to our environment. Below we give our research on the catastrophic damage that they are doing to nature. Have no doubt, plastic bags are a killer. To embed 'The Environmental Cost of Plastic' on your site, copy and paste the code below: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="540" alt="The Environmental Cost of Plastic"></a><br/> - An infographic by the team at <a href="">Albury Enviro Bags</a>
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A Brief Overview of the Tote Bag

Published On November 30, 2013
Tote bags are highly practical yet appealing handheld bags. Tote bags tend to be spacious, and they can be used to carry everything from beach wear to books and computers. Fabric and Handle provided an overview of the versatile and essential tote bag. Uses Tote bags have no specific uses. They can be used to carry just about anything. The wide opening and spacious design makes this bag versatile. Tote bags are often durable, although durability depends on whether heavy materials are
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Quick Guide to Jute

Published On November 28, 2013
Jute is a natural plant fibre that can be used to make a wide variety of everyday items. It has been used to make clothing, twine, curtain, carpets, rope, and bags, including promotional bags. Jute is made by spinning the vegetable fibre into a thread, which is then weaved. Very finely woven jute is sometimes used to create imitation silk products. Jute has also been used to create alternatives to paper, as it is a highly cost-effective natural fibre that is
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