What to Pack on a Picnic for the Perfect Summer Fun

Published On October 27, 2015

With the warm, sunny weather, there’s nothing more perfect than packing up a picnic and heading outside to eat and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re going to the beach, park, mountains or a campground, a picnic is easy to pack and clean up, and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while you eat. But it’s important that you plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure that your day out is something you and your family or friends will enjoy and remember for years to come.

From the food and drinks to entertainment, here are the essential things you should pack to create the perfect picnic.

Food and drinks

  • Picnic-friendly food packed in lightweight, resealable containers or jars to prevent spills and messes. Consider food like:
    • pre-made sandwiches
    • wraps
    • quiches
    • spring rolls
    • pasties
    • tarts
    • macarons
    • chicken
    • boiled eggs
    • cupcakes
    • brownies
    • cookies
    • chips
    • fruit pieces
    • veggies
    • cheeses
    • crackers
    • pre-made salads
    • noodles.
  • Refreezable ice packs, ice cubes in resealable bags, bowl chillers, insulated baskets or a cooler to keep drinks and food cold and also keep them from spoiling. The Didgeridoonas ‘Six Bottle Cooler’ bag can not only hold six large bottles (or twelve stubbies), it’s also insulated with Aussie wool, which is a great natural insulator.
  • Water, juice, soft drinks, hot chocolate, wine, tea and coffee. Store water in collapsible bottles because they’re 80% lighter than hard plastic bottles, and put the rest of the drinks in glass containers, or in thermos flasks to help them stay warm or cool. Place your drinks in a tote or backpack to save space and lighten your picnic basket. You could also take some can coolers to help keep your drinks cool for hours.
  • Condiments such as salt, pepper, tomato sauce, mustard, apple sauce, relish and salad dressings in mini jars for seasoning food. Note: Instead of throwing out the jars, refill them at home for your next picnic.


  • Reusable or disposable cups, bowls and plates made from eco-friendly material are also lightweight and stackable for easy packing.
  • Reusable utensils (e.g. spoons, forks and knives) to save space. Stylish utensils can also help add a splash of luxury to the picnic.
  • Serving utensils and dishes, including tongs or large spoons and forks for salads, etc.
  • Cutting knife with a cover (or wrap it in a kitchen towel for safe transporting).
  • Cutting board to slice meat, cheese and bread and a cheese board which you can use to serve cheese, olives, nuts and fruits.
  • Shatterproof wine glasses with removable stems for wine or water.
  • Corkscrew, bottle opener and can opener.
  • Sandwich sleeves that can double as placemats or napkins.
  • Cake covers of different sizes or tea towels to keep your food safe from insects.
  • Tablecloth for the picnic table and clips to hold it down.
  • Serviettes/napkins made of recycled paper or other materials.


  • Hand wipes or hand sanitiser to ensure that everyone’s hands are clean before and after they eat.
  • Garbage bags for disposing items quickly and easily and for leaving the picnic area nice and clean.
  • Recycling bags for recyclable items.
  • Resealable plastic bags/containers or storage bags for leftovers.
  • Moist towelettes for washing up after eating if there’s no access to running water.
  • Paper towels to mop up spills and wipe bowls, containers, plates and utensils before packing them back up.


  • Football or soccer ball
  • Baseball/cricket bat and tennis ball
  • Frisbees, kites or bubbles
  • Portable speakers
  • Pack of cards
  • Books or magazines
  • Camera or video camera

Other items

  • A blanket big enough to fit everyone and the food. It should also be light, soft, waterproof, machine-washable, and able to be folded up small. You could put a tarpaulin under the blanket if you think the ground may be wet. Or, use a heavy-weight, rubber-backed picnic rug.
  • Weather-resistant throw pillows to make sitting on the blanket or rug more comfortable.
  • Folding chairs for those who don’t want to sit on the ground.
  • Pop-up shade tent or umbrella for areas with little tree cover.
  • Lightweight and roomy tote or backpack to store everything in. Our Digeridoonas range has the perfect picnic bags.
  • Grill if you plan to cook food, such as raw meat or poultry.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Bandages and antibacterial ointment.
  • Bathing suits (if going to the beach).
  • Mood lighting such as tea light lanterns or citronella candles that cast a lovely glow, keep the bugs away, and help you extend the daylight hours.
  • Matches for lighting candles.

Once you’ve got all the essentials packed up, the next thing to do is find the perfect picnic spot and enjoy!