7 Ways You Can Use Custom Tote Bags for Brand Awareness

custom tote bag
Published On January 5, 2022
Are you looking for creative ways to help your brand to make its mark in the industry? Promotional campaigns don’t have to just be about flyers and paid advertisements. Custom tote bags are a viable promotional material with unlimited reach. In this article, we’ll talk about the many ways that you can use custom tote bags for brand awareness. 1. Show everyone that you’re all about being eco-friendly With the declining state of our natural world, it is only natural
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10 of the Best Slogans of All Time (Plus How to Create Your Own)

Published On April 22, 2016
Some slogans become such a natural part of our everyday life that it’s impossible to think of the brand without the slogan it’s associated with. But it’s important to remember that these slogans just don’t appear out of thin air. Often they’re the product of weeks and months of creativity, brainstorming, focus groups and sometimes a moment of inspiration. Here are 10 of the best slogans of all time. 1. McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” As eponymous as the golden arches
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The Simplest Marketing Ideas in History

Published On October 15, 2012
The simplest ideas are quite often also the best, and this has certainly been the case in marketing throughout the years, with the following ideas easily among the simplest and most effective marketing ideas ever. Business cards Having a way to easily distribute your business contact information to those all-important connections and customers -- and anyone else who wants it -- is a smart idea for any business, so it is little wonder that business cards have become so hugely
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Ideas for Promoting Your Business With Minimal Costs

Published On August 15, 2012
If you are looking for ways to promote your business but don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t worry, because what you lack in financial support you can certainly make up for with creativity and effort. Often, the best ways to promote your business won’t cost a lot of money, so think carefully about how you are doing your business promotions, and make sure you are getting the best possible value for your money. The following is a
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Promoting Your Business at Trade Shows

Published On July 30, 2012
Finding the right ways to promote your business can be a significant challenge, but one way that is effective for a lot of businesses is by taking part in trade shows. However, just setting up a booth at a trade show won’t guarantee you success, as you will have to also do all the right things to promote your business while you are there. Otherwise, your trade show investment can easily end up being a waste of money. The following
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3 Things that Impress Customers

Published On February 15, 2012
We live in a world where competition for market share and customer loyalty is fierce. Businesses always need to be doing things well in order to impress potential and actual customers and create and maintain a positive impression of their organisation. In light of this, it is common for forward thinking businesses to always be seeking innovative ways to impress customers. Not only does such creativity delight customers when they receive products or services that effectively address their needs, it
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3 Ways to promote Your Business this Christmas

Published On January 15, 2012
It is that time of the year again – Christmas – and while for many of us it means holidays, celebrations and time with family and friends, for most of us it definitely means shopping. Christmas shopping is an unavoidable task for most of us and you only need to have visited the stores lately to appreciate how many people are now turning their attention to Christmas purchases. For retailers of all types, sizes and purposes, the silly season presents
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5 Low Cost, High Impact Ways to Promote Your Business

Published On November 22, 2011
With competition for business being fierce, businesses of all types, sizes and purposes find themselves searching for ways to promote themselves in creative and effective ways. When a business decides to invest in marketing and promotional activities, they want to maximise the value of their dollar and see the promotional activities translate to results. Of course, every business wants to expand its customer base and constantly reach new markets. Very often, a business that is experiencing some financial hardship or
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Four Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business

Published On September 30, 2011
Every ambitious and motivated business owner or manager is always looking for ways to increase sales, increase profitability and acquire more customers. While these business goals are important and much desired, businesses are most commonly aware and mindful of the fact that they want to promote their business in a cost-effective manner. The good news is that there a number of proven ways to effectively promote a business without spending exorbitant sums of money. Here we take a look at
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5 Super Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Published On June 14, 2011
In the modern business environment it’s important to help your company stand out from the rest by promoting yourself in the best way possible. While you’ll always need to provide a quality product and service to back it up, using a few tried and true promotional techniques can go a long way to giving your business the exposure it needs. In this article, we’ll look at a few of our favourite ways to promote a business, from embracing social media
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How to Get The Most From Your Company Logo

Published On June 7, 2011
A company logo is a very important marketing tool. It is one of the best ways your business can connect with potential customers. Designed well and displayed appropriately, a logo can build and reinforce customer recognition. Used poorly it can leave your business languishing in obscurity or even convey a negative impression. Our guide explains how to make the most of this simple but critically important device so that your business get the greatest benefit possible. Consistency When designing and
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4 Ways to Run a More Responsible Business

Published On May 17, 2011
The primary purpose of any business is to make a profit, but there is nothing to say that it has to be the only objective. It is perfectly possible, and indeed admirable, for a business to operate successfully while adhering to principles of social responsibility. From encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour by distributing reusable promotional bags to making contributions to local community causes, there are many ways that your company can make a positive difference. The business will benefit too from
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5 Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Published On May 3, 2011
To be successful in business, a good product or service alone is not enough. You need to be able to get your message out to the public, so that it is your business that they turn to first. Huge multinational corporations spend fortunes on celebrity endorsements and television advertising campaigns. As a small business, it is unlikely that you have the kind of budget required for this kind of approach. Fortunately there are plenty other ways to get your business
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How to Run a Successful Conference

Published On October 21, 2010
Whether you're a professional conference producer or this is your first foray into hosting one, there are always a plethora of things to organise and shopping bags full of worries that something (one of many things, actually) could go wrong. Like any major function, the key to running a successful conference is planning, planning and more planning. The less things you leave to chance the better, and the more opportunities you have to steer the event into a glowing success
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