3 Things that Impress Customers

Published On February 15, 2012

We live in a world where competition for market share and customer loyalty is fierce. Businesses always need to be doing things well in order to impress potential and actual customers and create and maintain a positive impression of their organisation.

In light of this, it is common for forward thinking businesses to always be seeking innovative ways to impress customers. Not only does such creativity delight customers when they receive products or services that effectively address their needs, it also shows customers that your business is progressive and dynamic – two qualities which customers tend to appreciate.

So, what is it that impresses customers and how can businesses use this knowledge to their advantage?

1:  Practical items

If you are committed to impressing your customers with a gift or tangible item of some description, make sure it is one that is practical and useful. Customers love to receive recyclable green bags because they are strong, useful in a variety of situations and, when used and reused, make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

From the point of view of a business, promotional bags represent one of the very best ways to raise awareness of your organisation and have your details displayed to a large number of people on multiple occasions. Remember that when a customer finds the promotional bags that you offer useful and compatible with their needs, they tend to use them over and over again, each time showing your business details to various audiences – including those you may never have thought to target.

2:  Attractive items

If you want to give your customers something that will impress them, be sure to make it something that carries strong visual appeal. While your promotional gift will ideally be practical and useful, it will also be attractive and stylish.

The way that items look matters to a great many people and you can definitely put your business in a favourable position if you supply items (such as shopping bags) that are tastefully and attractively designed. Take great care and invest thought in the design and composition of such promotional items so that your business details are prominently featured and artwork is thoughtfully and stylishly created and positioned.

3:  High quality

No matter what the items you provide, your customers will not be impressed if they are substandard and of inferior quality. Not only will such items fail to meet the customer’s needs, they will convey a less than favourable image of your organisation.

Think carefully about the image you want to create and the messages you want people to have about your business. Chances are you want them to believe that your business is committed to excellence and is thorough and attentive in approach. Great quality promotional items will definitely support the communication of such a message whereas those of poor quality will only leave a customer doubting whether your business is capable of doing and achieving all that it claims.

Investment in good quality products also shows that you respect and value your customers.

If you want to impress your customers, give plenty of thought to the sorts of promotional items that you will distribute. If you are serious about creating a positive impression of your business and affirming your relationship with customers, choose items that are practical, attractive and high quality.