3 Ways to promote Your Business this Christmas

Published On January 15, 2012

It is that time of the year again – Christmas – and while for many of us it means holidays, celebrations and time with family and friends, for most of us it definitely means shopping. Christmas shopping is an unavoidable task for most of us and you only need to have visited the stores lately to appreciate how many people are now turning their attention to Christmas purchases.

For retailers of all types, sizes and purposes, the silly season presents an unparalleled opportunity to put your brand front and centre of people’s minds. The Christmas season brings many wonderful promotional opportunities and here we look at three of these:

1:  Promotional bags

It goes without saying that shoppers need shopping bags that are robust and easy to use. Customers appreciate recyclable bags not only for their durability, but also for their contribution to environmental protection. Designed for use and repeated reuse, such shopping bags potentially reduce the number of plastic bags that need to be produced.

For retailers and other organisations, promotional bags provide a great and most effective way to promote your business. Because people use and reuse promotional bags, your business details printed on such a bag will be seen by a countless audience of people. Think of your promotional bags as a billboard for your business and one that is able to reach markets far beyond those you have thought to target.

There is no better time to offer recyclable bags featuring your business’ key details than at Christmas. Remember that in retail environments there is no busier time of year and it is over Christmas that the promotional bags you use are likely to be used, reused and displayed in front of many people, including those who will appreciate an introduction to your business.

2:  Provide items that customers want

To promote your business effectively this Christmas, it is a great idea to give promotional items that people want and for which they have a real need. While there is an apparent abundance of promotional items available and widely distributed by different companies, not all of them are useful or much desired items.

When it comes to promotional items that customers want and need, there is nothing that is more practical and desired than tasteful and well-made promotional bags. These bags tend to be used in multiple locations and for multiple purposes and, it is not uncommon for customers to repeatedly use those that best meet their needs.

If you are offering promotional bags to customers and others, be sure that they are of good quality. There is nothing as frustrating as trying to contend with bags that break or from which objects can escape. High quality green bags will always be favoured and appreciated by consumers – including those who are yet to have direct contact with your organisation.

3:  Bold and attractive

To separate your business from its competitors and to ensure that it stands out, take time to develop the print that will feature on the promotional bags that you offer. The artwork that appears should be clear, bold and attractive – make sure that the bags you offer are stylish enough for people to want to carry them as people will automatically and instinctively shy away from bags that are less than attractive.

Christmas is a great time of year to promote your business. With increased foot traffic in shopping centres and with people out an about so much more, the opportunity is perfect to raise the profile of your business with effective promotional bags.