Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Cooler Bag

A picnic cooler bag and food on the beach
Published On October 30, 2023
Not only are wholesale cooler bags a practical tool for a variety of customers across a range of industries, but they are also a highly effective means of sharing a message with your community.  The best eco-friendly insulated shopping bags can make a considerable impact on the way different individuals perceive how they interact with the world and how they can help support the environment.  At Albury Enviro Bags, we strive to provide high-quality, eco-friendly cooler bags that address a
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How Many Times Can You Use a Reusable Bag: Sustainable Advice

woman with white reusable canvas bag for food shopping over green natural background
Published On September 30, 2023
Are reusable bags better for the environment? We’ve all asked it, and there’s a fairly comprehensive answer. At Albury Enviro Bags, we are here to tell you exactly why buying bulk and wholesale cotton bags and biodegradable options in Australia is worth every cent!  From protecting the environment to reducing your carbon footprint, here is why you should choose recycle-safe options for your business, outlet, or charity.  Why Choose Biodegradable & Reusable Shopping Bags in Australia? When businesses and individuals
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Comparison Of Common Reusable Shopping Bag Fabrics

Published On December 18, 2018
Confused? Too many options to choose from but not enough information? Read the simple guide below so you can choose exactly what you want and not be disappointed later as you learn the facts after making your purchase.   Better environmental options*  Fabric  Comments Hemp Its rapid growth, high output per acre, minimal need for agricultural chemicals, & its high strength, make this one of the most environmentally attractive and sustainable natural fibres. On the downside is the relatively high cost
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Why are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment

Published On December 30, 2013
As well as being an eyesore, discarded plastic shopping bags clog the waterways and end up in landfills where they can take 1,000 years break down. Why are plastic bags so harmful? Plastic bags are bad for the environment because they are non-biodegradable, which means they do not decay. Plastic bags are made from various toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. Some of the chemicals that go into the production of plastic bags include benzene, ethylene oxide and
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How to Print on Canvas Bags

Published On December 15, 2013
Canvas bags are a fun and environmentally friendly way to carry your things and advertise your business. If you have a flair for design and an aptitude for craft, then this guide might help give you some inspiration for creating some of your very own canvas bags. What you’ll need: - An idea - Computer - Inkjet printer - Plain printer paper - Iron on transfer paper - Iron - An image - Photo editing software - Canvas bag -
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How Do Fairtrade Products Help the World?

Published On July 10, 2012
Fairtrade products are a fantastic example of the way all trade should be, because unless the workers, their families and communities are getting a good deal out of the exchange, it is hard to feel good about buying products with a history of exploitation. Whether you are buying art, school bags or coffee, if you have the choice, always buy Fairtrade. The following is a look at some of the reasons why. Protects workers and their families One of the
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4 Reasons Why Reusable Items Breed Customer Confidence

Published On April 15, 2012
There are many good reasons why businesses choose reusable items for promotional purposes. Not only are reusable items often practical and much appreciated by customers, they can effectively show that your business cares about the environment enough to develop promotional items that reduce negative environmental impacts. Essentially, customers value promotional items that help them to fulfil a need and can be repeatedly used. Here we look at four specific reasons why reusable items have such great appeal for customers and
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How to Impress Customers with Green Bags

Published On December 14, 2011
Many businesses go to great lengths (and great expense) to find way to positively impress both actual and potential customers. Astute business owners and managers realise that in order to gain an edge on their competitors, an organisation needs to be strategic and often creative in the ways that it provides service to its customers. Green bags are one of the best ways for a business to impress customers and these bags have the added benefit of longevity. Designed for
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8 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

Published On October 22, 2011
The versatility and functionality, together with their appearance and design, provide very good reasons to use reusable bags. There are many good reasons to provide and distribute promotional bags and even better reasons for consumers to use and reuse these bags. 1:  Many people really appreciate the fact that promotional bags, when made from biodegradable and compostable materials, are good for the environment. These bags also extend protection to animals – both land and marine based. While some plastic bags
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How Do Green Bags Impact the Environment?

Published On September 23, 2011
There is great and an ever-growing awareness of the ways that plastic bags can have a negative impact on the environment. Traditionally and historically, the processes used in the manufacture and production of plastic bags have had a less than kind and desirable effect on the environment and green bags have been touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative. How do Australians use plastic bags? Just four years ago in 2007, it was estimated that 3.9 billion plastic bags were
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Three Environmental Benefits of Green Bags

Published On August 30, 2011
It is no secret that the process and materials used to manufacture paper and plastic bags, the most common carriers of our shopping and all sorts of products, are environmentally harmful. Awareness is increasing of the pollution, harm to animals, excessive oil consumption and landfills that are filled beyond capacity. Fortunately the alternative, green bags, present a way to overcome these problems while offering a strong and environmentally superior way to carry your purchases. #1:  The costs of producing plastic
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Four Tips for Putting the Environment First When Using Bags

Published On August 23, 2011
When it comes to using bags, there is often some confusion about what is best for the environment and the types of bags that are most fit for the purposes for which they are required. Green bags are often praised for having a reduced negative impact on the environment, paper bags are touted as a less favourable option and the harmful effects of plastic bags are frequently illuminated. So, what are some of the best tips for putting the environment
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Five Reasons to Use Green Bags

Published On August 15, 2011
As concern for the environment increases and people realise that there are many practical and easy behavioural changes that can be made to affect environmental protection, the value of using green bags becomes all the more apparent. But why are green bags so good? To put it simply, they are good for the environment and good for the planet. Here we take a look at five reasons to choose and use green bags: #1:  Reduction of waste and litter Reusable
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6 Essential Tips for a Day at the Beach

Published On June 28, 2011
If there’s one thing nearly all Australians have in common, it’s that they love a trip to the beach. However, getting out to the golden shorelines of our country can be a little bit daunting, especially if you live further inland and aren't as familiar with the rules and etiquette. In this article, we’ll look at six essential tips to get the most out of your day at the beach, from wearing sun screen to bringing bags. Bring sun screen
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Ten Benefits of Green Bags

Published On April 5, 2011
Most of us know that we should say no to paper and plastic and always use green bags. There is ever-increasing awareness of the environmentally harmful effects of paper and plastic bag production and disposal and a seemingly endless number of good reasons to use reusable green bags. It is simple and inexpensive to use green bags and when you consider that so many take the form of promotional bags offered by businesses seeking to market themselves, having to purchase
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