How to Impress Customers with Green Bags

Published On December 14, 2011

Many businesses go to great lengths (and great expense) to find way to positively impress both actual and potential customers. Astute business owners and managers realise that in order to gain an edge on their competitors, an organisation needs to be strategic and often creative in the ways that it provides service to its customers.

Green bags are one of the best ways for a business to impress customers and these bags have the added benefit of longevity. Designed for use and reuse, promotional bags of many different types will be used by your customers multiple times, provided that they are strong, durable and of good quality.

What do customers want?

Let’s be honest, no consumer wants to waste their time or their money with a substandard, dubious organisation that severely lacks efficiency. Customers want to know that the businesses with whom they enter into a relationship and/or exchange are credible and will provide them with good service and excellent value for money.

How can this be conveyed through a green bag ?

The power of bags to create a lasting impression (either positive or negative) of a business should never be underestimated. You should never neglect to realise just how influential reusable bags are in terms of simultaneously promoting your business and creating a favourable impression for customers.

Environmental responsibility:

When your business takes steps to provide customers with great quality, ecofriendly bags you are effectively demonstrating a key value of your organisation – commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. This matters to an ever-increasing number of customers and it is therefore not only important, but also useful, to go the extra mile to show that you care and are dedicated to environmentally sound practices and processes.


Never make the mistake of minimising the importance that customers place on quality. Provision of quality retail bags speaks volumes to your customers – the bags that your provide are an overt indication of your business’ commitment to quality and the highest of standards. In fact, great quality shopping bags show that your business takes pride in its activities, is proud of what it does and customers can therefore expect a positive experience when doing business with you.

Remember also, that there is nothing more frustrating than using a substandard, inferior quality bag. It is risky to hand customers a bag that will split or otherwise make their experience stressful and unpleasant.

Practicality and usability:

Customers love bags that are practical and thereby fit with their lifestyle. If you really want to impress your customers with the bags that your provide, issue them with environmentally friendly bags that are practical, strong and designed to be used multiple times.

Remember that your business’ shopping bags will serve as a mobile billboard for your business; in order for your customers to use them as frequently and extensively as possible, your bags need to be effectively designed and made so that they are both practical and useful.


Carrying a bag that is stylish and attractive is important to many people. When you issue your customers with promotional bags or retail bags that are attractive in appearance, your customers are far more likely to use and carry them. With your business details featured prominently on the bags that you issue, your key business details are best placed so that an increased number of people are introduced to your brand, with the intention being that new custom will be brought to your organisation.

Green bags have the power to impress your customers, provided that they are made from environmentally sustainable products and processes and are practical, strong, attractive in design and able to meet your customers’ needs. Investing in great quality, durable and appealing retail bags will almost invariably prove a good investment.