3 of the Best Promotional Items

Published On December 22, 2011

If your business is serious about using promotional items to increase awareness and drive customers to you, some careful and strategic thought needs to be invested in the selection of the items that will represent your business. It is no secret that actual and potential customers most often love getting an item for free, but it certainly matters to them that the promotional items they receive are useful, practical, something they want and something of high quality.

While promotional items can indeed be lucrative and effective to a business, the fact is that not all businesses use these items in this way. So many of us can relate to the experience of being at meetings, conferences, expos and other events, where we collect all sorts of items that feature the branding and details of different companies. Collecting these items is one thing, but a problem arises when, following the occasion, we never use or look at these products again. Unfortunately, many companies spend exorbitant amounts of their marketing budget on promotional items that result in no increased business.

So, how does a business avoid the problem of choosing promotional items that people simply do not want? The good news is that we have a list of three of the best promotional items that truly appeal to customers.

1: Promotional bags

It really doesn’t matter who the customer is or what they do, almost all of us have a use for promotional bags. The benefit of green bags is that they are durable and strong and designed for repeated use – effective for carrying shopping and a range of other things, reusable bags that are branded with your business’ details will be shown to a huge number of people, including audiences that you perhaps never considered previously.

Green bags are now available in an extensive variety of forms. Jute bags, canvas bags, calico bags and cotton bags are popular choices that customers really appreciate receiving. When you choose to offer such a bag to customers and ensure that it is attractively designed and of very high quality, you are all but guaranteed that people will use and reuse your promotional item, thereby helping you to achieve the desired end of increased business exposure.

Many businesses are delighted to learn that promotional bags do not have to be expensive and almost invariably represent a wonderful investment for businesses of all types, sizes and purposes.

2:  USB drives

While most of us have more promotional pens, stickers and note pads than we could ever hope to use, portable USB drives continue to be highly sought after.

USB drives are not only useful and practical, they offer a great opportunity for a business to feature its key details. People use these items regularly and are appreciative to have them, particularly when they need to transport electronic information and documents quickly and safely.

3:  Stress balls

Many businesses have learnt that customers really appreciate products that are conducive to their well-being. Stress balls are a great example of such a product and are useful and relevant to the lives of so many people.

Stress balls are available in a range of interesting colours and designs that provide the perfect place for your business details to be featured.

Promotional items can translate to increased business and raised profits for a business. It is vital that promotional products are strategically chosen, are useful and practical and of the highest quality if they are to be sought after and used by customers.