How to Print on Canvas Bags

Published On December 15, 2013

Canvas bags are a fun and environmentally friendly way to carry your things and advertise your business. If you have a flair for design and an aptitude for craft, then this guide might help give you some inspiration for creating some of your very own canvas bags.

What you’ll need:

– An idea
– Computer
– Inkjet printer
– Plain printer paper
– Iron on transfer paper
– Iron
– An image
– Photo editing software
– Canvas bag
– Scissors

Step 1

Choose the image/message you want to have on your bag. Make sure that you have obtained any copyright permissions for the image.

Step 2

Edit the image so it is cropped to the appropriate size — be careful not to pixelate the image. Use the mirror option in your photo editing software to invert or flip the image. This is especially important if you’re planning to transfer text onto your canvas bag.

Step 3

Print out a sample photo on normal paper. If it all looks the way you want you are good to go.

Step 4

Take out the regular paper and add in your iron-on transfer paper.

Step 5

Print the image on the transfer paper. Important: Be sure to let the ink dry before handling the paper.

Step 6

Cut out your image.

Step 7

Heat your iron so it is at its hottest and be sure to turn off the steam function.

Step 8

Put your canvas bag on a flat surface and place the image on the bag face down.

Step 9

In sections, place the iron on top of the transfer paper in 15 second increments.

Step 10

Peel back your transfer to reveal your image.

Step 11

Leave to dry overnight.