7 Ways You Can Use Custom Tote Bags for Brand Awareness

custom tote bag
Published On January 5, 2022

Are you looking for creative ways to help your brand to make its mark in the industry? Promotional campaigns don’t have to just be about flyers and paid advertisements. Custom tote bags are a viable promotional material with unlimited reach. In this article, we’ll talk about the many ways that you can use custom tote bags for brand awareness.

1. Show everyone that you’re all about being eco-friendly

With the declining state of our natural world, it is only natural that modern consumers have a socially-conscious element to their purchasing habits, and prefer companies that value protecting the environment. By opting for branded, canvas tote bags, you directly inform not only those who have purchased with you, but anyone who’s seen these custom bags in use, that your company is dedicated to doing its part for a greener future. Automatically you receive a positive first impression, and are more likely to win a second look in the future.

2. Use custom tote bags as part of a welcome package

Whether you’re running an upscale hotel or onboarding a new employee, custom tote bags also work wonders for your business when you’re spreading the message: “Welcome!” It’s actually part of the gift package, so the recipients will instantly have a feel of using it, making them more likely to use it in the future – and by extension, attracting a great number of eyes on your branding in the wider world.

3. Integrate it with your online advertising

Think of custom tote bags for business as moving billboards… except that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to make it happen. Plus, people will see it up close and personal, rather than emblazoned across roads and cities.

You use it as an opportunity to tell people about a sale that they can access through a QR code or a link. If you don’t have an ongoing promotion, why not drive more traffic to your website and social media pages? That was your custom tote bags can become part of a wider brand awareness funnel.

4. Have them available in-store for your retail customers

Take it a step further by having the bags customised specifically for what you’re selling. For example, a canvas cooler would be a better option if you’re selling frozen foods and beverages. Over-sized options, on the other hand, might also be a good inclusion for customers making large purchases.

Doing so helps associate your product with what they use the bags for in the future.

5. Make it a promotional product

We’re all human, and what do we love most? Freebies!

For decades, one of the leading marketing and promotional campaigns employed by businesses is giving out free products that hold their brand in the design, and this is still a popular choice in targeting millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Why not also consider incorporating further technological capabilities to improve brand awareness? For example, require people to share something related to your business to qualify (i.e. a picture of them with the bag on their socials). Or if you’re making it a prize, be sure to make the design attractive while still conveying what your business offers.

6. Have them ready for conferences & corporate events

If your organisation is hosting a conference, presentation, or some kind of corporate event, it’s very likely you will also be providing a range of paraphernalia, such as flyers, notepads, pens, even water bottles. Set yourself apart by introducing custom tote bags to hold all of these goodies inside, simultaneously adding to the new goods they receive, but also increasing the brand awareness of your business in a public forum.

7. Create branded merch

When you break it down, most products that display your brand are a form of promotion. Why not introduce some new branded merchandise into your product line with custom, reusable tote bags? Whether you have an online store, physical shop front, or both, you can make available an environmentally friendly, reusable tote bag that serves a function to your customer, as well as promotes further brand awareness for your business. Invest in its aesthetic qualities and source from a high-quality manufacturer, and you may actually find it climb to be one of your best sellers!

If you would like to learn more about how custom, reusable tote bags can benefit the brand awareness of your business, and how you can get started introducing them into your marketing campaigns, please contact us at Albury Enviro Bags today by calling (02) 9534 6283!