Unique Ideas to Market Your Small Business

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Published On October 17, 2021

Consumers increasingly want businesses that care for their customers, employees, society, and the environment, not just the bottom line. In a rapidly changing world, browse these fun and effective ways a small business can market its brand.

Referrals and Networking Events

As a small business, word of mouth referrals are key to driving your earliest business growth. One marketing strategy along these lines includes offering discounts to existing customers who bring in referral traffic. Another is to reach out to new customers in a personable way, by meeting them at in-person networking events.

However your small business reaches out to people, success lies at the feet of building relationships and providing great service from end to end. Referrals and networking are key strategies to drive sales and business growth. It’s a simple step to register for a local workshop or conference, or rent a booth at a trade show.

Merchandise for Brand Visibility

As a small business, promotional merchandise and business cards are a cost-effective way to get visibility for your brand. They should be designed to represent your brand values and stand out from the crowd.

Promotional merchandise can be given away at events and trade shows. Practical products such as pens, notebooks, mugs, coffee cup bags and other drink bags will always be brought out to be used. This drives excellent visibility for your small business.

Reusable Bags to Show You Care

As plastic products are so cheap to make, nearly half of all plastic products produced are designed for single use. As well as cups, cutlery and food wrappers, plastic bags are some of the worst offenders when it comes to plastic waste.

Among other single-use plastics, plastic bags are especially difficult to recycle at normal recycling plants. Reusable bags play a key role in reducing the demand for plastic bags that can end up in the oceans. By offering branded eco bags, small businesses can show that they care about their impact on the environment.

Reaching Out to Your Customers

As well as showing you care, customers love it when you reach out to them and make your relationship personal.

This could take the form of a rewards programme that gives a free gift or upgrade, for a certain length of time, on birthdays, or after a certain amount of money spent.

Free Gifts for Your Customers

You could give away free samples to key customers or those who spend over a minimum amount. Everybody loves freebies, and if these gifts come as a surprise, they’ll help sweeten the effect. If the free sample is a new product you’re trialling, there is the added benefit of asking your early adopter customers for their feedback, so you can continue to improve your product before taking it mainstream.

For an air of exclusivity, create a competition such as a raffle. This has the extra benefit that many people become aware of your product and brand, but you only have to give away the freebie to a few select winners.

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