10 of the Best Slogans of All Time (Plus How to Create Your Own)

Published On April 22, 2016

Some slogans become such a natural part of our everyday life that it’s impossible to think of the brand without the slogan it’s associated with. But it’s important to remember that these slogans just don’t appear out of thin air. Often they’re the product of weeks and months of creativity, brainstorming, focus groups and sometimes a moment of inspiration. Here are 10 of the best slogans of all time.

1. McDonald’s “I’m Loving It”

As eponymous as the golden arches themselves, McDonald’s short, succinct slogan conveys everything you need to know about the joyous fast food experience the brand is trying to create in three simple words that everyone can remember.

2. Subway “Eat Fresh”

Another example of the simple is better approach to copy, Subway’s slogan says everything consumers need to know about the brand and provides the dual purpose of conveying their major point of difference from other competitors.

3. Disneyland “The Happiest Place on Earth”

This slogan sounds just as good to children as it does to parents and evokes an instant emotive response upon hearing it. Who wouldn’t want to go to the happiest place on earth?

4. Red Bull “Red Bull Gives You Wings”

While this one is a little more out of left field, in many ways that serves to establish Red Bull as a company that does things differently and really manages to hone in on their target market.

5. Nike “Just Do It”

This advertising approach came to prominence in the 90s and has now become the slogan everyone associates one of sporting’s most famous brands with. It would be impossible to think of Nike without those three words that follow.

6. American Express “Don’t leave home without it”

This clever slogan really makes American Express credit cards seem less like a luxury option and more like an essential tool in today’s modern society.

7. Mars “A Mars a Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play”

Playing on the old apple a day adage, this clever bit of marketing from the people at Mars is catchy, effective and really helps make the chocolate bar appealing to its key demographic which is younger people.

8. Apple “Think Different”

In an environment where the company really was trying to do everything it could to differentiate itself from its peers, this slogan fitted Apple to a tee and really spearheaded the company’s progress and approach towards the turn of the century.

9. Adidas “Impossible is Nothing”

While it may never be as memorable as its Nike counterpart, this slogan is a useful point of difference, conveying the spirit of Adidas to shoppers.

10. KFC “Finger lickin’ good”

Because what slogan better conveys the overall KFC experience than that of someone licking their fingers? This is one slogan that knows what KFC offers and is unashamed of it.

How can I create my own slogan?

While there is a level of creativity involved, there are a few best practice patterns you can draw upon when you’re creating your own perfect advertising slogan.

  • Make sure it is consistent with the brand name, if not obviously then through implication. It can be an idea to include the name of your business in it.
  • Make it memorable. As we see from the list above, many of the most effective taglines created still happen to be recognised by people today, years later!
  • Reveal the benefits of your product in the slogan. While it may seem as though there’s not enough space, the power of language in this form allows you to create a positive feeling for the consumer, who will in turn think favourably about the product you’re offering.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to get the message through, particularly in an overcrowded market and for that reason there should be a big emphasis on the ways in which you can make your slogan different from the other ones. The best are completely original.
  • And most importantly, when you’re crafting a slogan make sure you keep it simple. Use words people recognise that have been proven to be effective.

The right slogan can transform a brand, and the lives of millions of people. After looking at some of the best slogans in the history of advertising and going through some tips and tricks for making them you should be well placed to find the right slogan for your small business.