11 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work Wonders for Marketing

Published On February 16, 2016

Are you looking for the best way to market your business? If so, have you considered promotional products? They’re an extremely effective and efficient way of marketing your business to a very large audience without requiring a huge financial or time-consuming commitment. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Promotional products are often used at corporate events and as part of corporate gift programs, they are also commonly seen at conferences or trade shows. The most important thing? They work. Promotional products have been shown to increase brand interest in 69% of people, and create a positive brand impression in 84% of people.

If that caught your attention, read on. We bring you 11 other reasons why promotional products work wonders for marketing.

Increase brand recognition

Promotional products are an easy and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness around your business. By stamping your logo on an item that a customer will use in their everyday life, you can keep your business at the top of their mind. You business is also more likely to come up in conversation – when people ask your unofficial ambassador where they got that pen, notebook or diary.

In a world where we’re bombarded with marketing messages every day, placing your logo inside someone’s home is a great way to generate a long-lasting brand recognition. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 83% of people could recall a brand from a promotional product they got in the last 12 months.

Facilitate repeat exposure

Offering promotional products allows for repeat exposure of your brand name, slogan and logo. By giving your customers items they’ll want to keep, you keep your business in the face of your target audience, without spending any additional money.

For example, if you own a spa, putting an appointment reminder on the back of your business card will ensure that customers keep the card so they can remember the date and time. If you own a bar, you can hand out free bottle openers or stubby holders.

Reach a wider audience

Promotional products such as pens, t-shirts and USBs can help you reach a wider audience. People who wear your custom t-shirts will expose your brand to others, while USBs and pens are always being shared around offices or between friends.

Promotional products that are passed along will also reduce your cost per impression. If you gave out 100 promotional products to 100 people and each person passed it around 100 times, you’ll gain 1 million impressions with just 100 items! What’s more, 62% of people who receive a promotional product will give it away before throwing it out.

Draw attention

Promotional products that are useful, unique and innovative have a ‘wow factor’ that can help you stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your brand. If you’re running a trade show booth and give away branded t-shirts, it’ll catch people’s attention when they see others wearing them because it’s unique.

Giving out a product that stands out, like funky glasses, can also increase the number of visitors to your booth. According to data from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), there’s a 176% increase in trade show traffic to a booth giving out promotional products.

Share your contact details

Promotional products are a great way to showcase your contact information. Consider giving a potential customer your business card and another tangible, branded product. For example, if you own a computer company and you’ve just fixed someone’s machine, give them your business card and a USB!

You could also hand out a promotional product with your contact details on it. For instance, if you own a bar, you might give away a bottle opener in the shape of your company logo with your business details imprinted in the handle. Or, if you’re an automotive retailer, you could give out a steering wheel stress toy that includes your details.

Leave a lasting impression

Promotional products leave a lasting impression because they can be used for years and, this means, they will continue advertising to new target markets for a long time to come. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be sure about the design of your logo before embarking on your promotional campaign!

promotional products! You’ll find many promotional products on people’s desks around the office and at home, such as mouse pads, pens, sticky notes, cups, notebooks, t-shirts, key chains, goodie bags, pens, notepads and caps.

Promotional products like mouse pads, cups, notebooks, t-shirts, key chains, pens and caps can be used in everyday life, and can stick around for years to come.  By offering a product that is useful and made with quality materials, you can create a lasting impression of enduring usefulness. And, if your products work, people will use them –  data from the PPAI found 71% of people surveyed still had a promotional product they got in the last 12 months, and 33% of them currently have the product on their person.

Offer something tangible for the intangible

Promotional products offer something tangible for the intangible. If your company is a charity or provides a service, giving out a promotional product is a terrific way to build solid relationships with your customers – particularly if there’s no physical take-away from your regular meetings.

It’s even better if the product connects with a memory, experience or passion that your company offers or shares with customers. Moreover, providing a product as a thank you for the support or donation of a customer can help create a favourable image of your company.

Generate the next lead

Promotional products can help generate sale leads for the product or service you provide. For instance, if you offer promotional products as an incentive for customers to refer your services to their friends or family, you’re more likely to receive qualified leads, and keep the existing customer happy while doing so.

If you also extend the offer to the referred individual, offering them a gift if they buy your product or service. This will boost your conversion rates, as well as customer satisfaction.

Connect with customers

Promotional products can help enhance the connection between your business and potential customers. The key to this connection is relevance. For example, if you sell potted plants, consider giving away a branded spade to the gardeners who buy from you. Or, if you’re a mobile hairdresser, you might give away a small branded mirror to your customers. These types of promotional products show you are invested in the needs and interests of your customers – they convey to the customer that you understand them, and that you’re willing to show this by providing something extra that is useful, thoughtful and relevant.

Remember, a better connection with your customers reduces wasted marketing spend. So it’s a win-win in the long-term.

Boost brand impressions

According to data from the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study (2010), for every marketing dollar you invest into custom bags, you can get 1000 brand impressions! What’s more, custom writing instruments attract 500 impressions, calendars receive 333 impressions, and shirts attain 200 impressions.

As for daily brand impressions, custom bags give 36 impressions every day! Custom caps and writing instruments each give 15 impressions per day, shirts give 11 impressions, and calendars give 10 impressions per day. The more impressions you can generate, the more business you create.

Generate revenue and grow your business

Promotional products can help you turn impressions into sales and help your business grow. Due to high exposure rates, promotional products can create a positive affiliation with your company and generate sales at a fast pace.

According to research by the Australasian Promotional Products Association, 52% of people who were given a promotional product went on to do business with that company. The remaining 48% said they’d be more likely to engage the business in the future because of the company’s gesture.

If you’re ready to kick-start conversions and generate talk around your company, give promotional products a try – they’re a quick and easy solution, for long-term gain. Albury Enviro Bags offer a great range of promotional bags that can be custom printed and are eco-friendly. If you have any questions regarding the usability and options for investing in promotional products, you can also contact our experts at Albury Enviro Bags, who would be more than happy to help!