How to Get The Most From Your Company Logo

Published On June 7, 2011

A company logo is a very important marketing tool. It is one of the best ways your business can connect with potential customers. Designed well and displayed appropriately, a logo can build and reinforce customer recognition. Used poorly it can leave your business languishing in obscurity or even convey a negative impression. Our guide explains how to make the most of this simple but critically important device so that your business get the greatest benefit possible.


When designing and employing your logo, consistency is the key. You can use different versions depending on precisely where it is displayed; you might for example want a more detailed logo on a company brochure than you would print on promotional bags or giveaway items. It is important though that, despite any variations, each different version of your logo is clearly based on the same design. In other words, you may not include every element of a design in every version, but nothing should be conflicting or contradictory.


Probably the most important advice of all, when it comes to logo design, is to keep it simple. The more complicated your design, the less likely people are to remember it. Try and picture in your head the logos of successful major companies. Which ones can you think of? What do they all have in common? Almost certainly it will be the simplicity of the design. By paring the design back and removing anything that doesn’t immediately speak of your brand, you will allow the essence to shine through and it will be far easier for your customers to relate to it.


Of course, a simple and consistent design will only drive customers to your business if it is unique. Make your design too similar to that of another business and you will confuse your customers and risk sending them elsewhere. Moreover, you open yourself up to the possibility of legal action from the company to whose logo yours is similar. This is a potentially time consuming and very expensive mistake, so it is absolutely vital that you check that you are not infringing on anyone else’s intellectual property rights before you launch your new logo.


No matter how good your logo is, it won’t have any impact on your business if it doesn’t get seen, so don’t hide your light under a bushel, get it out there and show it to the world. Use your logo on everything you do. Make sure it is displayed prominently on every page of your website and print new stationary immediately.  Don’t be tempted to save money by using all the old letterheads first., as this will create a very bad impression. Increase the exposure of your logo by creating giveaway items such as pens, stubby coolers and green bags. The aim is to get your logo seen everywhere, so don’t hold back.


When putting your design together think about cost issues such as printing expenses. Using one colour instead of two for example might seem like a minor difference, but if it leads to even a tiny cost saving it is worth factoring in. You will be printing your logo again and again in a variety of contexts; over time the smallest cost differences can add up to something quite significant.